5 ways to unwind after Christmas shopping stress

5 ways to unwind after Christmas shopping stress

Now that November is going to be here in no time, you're probably starting to think about Christmas. The festive season will arrive before you know it, so it really does pay to be prepared.

Whether you do most of your shopping online or brave the cold and wet high street to buy presents in person, there's no denying that Christmas shopping can be stressful. As well as having to budget so you don't overspend, hunt down the best bargains and find the perfect gift on your list, you need to work out where to hide everything and wrap it all up in time for Father Christmas to visit.

All of this can leave you feeling tired and stressed, and that's before you've even put the turkey in the oven. To help you relax after checking your list twice, here are a few ideas:

Light some candles and put your feet up

Candles actually help us relax as the flickering light lowers blood pressure. This means that lighting a couple of candles in an evening and switching off any super bright lights could help you to feel a lot more relaxed. 

So put all of the gifts away - even if you're halfway through wrapping any - pour yourself a glass of wine, light some candles and pop your feet up. You may only get ten minutes to do this, but it will make a difference.

Buy something for yourself

We all need a treat every now and then, especially if you're busy splashing the cash on other people. Rather than totally scrimping and saving to spoil others come Christmas Day, spend some time picking out something you want.

The festive season will arrive before you know it, so it really does pay to be prepared

Even if you only spend a couple of pounds, buy yourself something small like a bar of traditional soap or just pop an item in your basket ready for a later date, it could help you feel a lot less stressed.

Go for a walk

Exercise helps you to unwind as it releases endorphins and helps you to work out any tense muscles. This doesn't mean you need to run a marathon, as a short walk will help you relax. 

Pop on your winter coat, grab your scarf and gloves and get yourself some fresh air by heading out for a stroll. You'll be surprised how much of a difference getting away from Christmas shopping will make, plus regular walks will help keep you healthy.

Run a bath

Nothing helps you chill out like soaking in a nice bubble bath for an hour, so why not put aside some time for a bit of a pamper? Whether you like lots of fluffy bubbles made by foam bath or super soft water like that created by our bath melts, a hot bath is just the thing to help you forget the worries of buying Christmas presents.

Tell everyone you're not to be disturbed, grab a book and a bottle of wine, run the water and simply lay back and relax. 

Give yourself a day off

Getting ready for Christmas every day of the week can get a bit much so it's important that you give yourself a day off. If you plan when you're doing what, it makes it easier to ensure you aren't wrapping gifts or buying presents every day of the week - as well as meaning you won't be wrapping into the early hours of the morning on Christmas Day.

While Christmas may be coming up fast, there's still plenty of time so don't let it totally take over your life.

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