A family Father’s Day is perfect: Stephen Lord reveals what he wants on June 21st

A family Father's Day is perfect: Stephen Lord reveals what he wants on June 21st

Father's Day is just a couple of weeks away, but you still have time to start planning the perfect treat for your dad. June 21st isn't far off so you should look at what you can do to show your dad you appreciate him.

To get some ideas on what dads really want when it comes to celebrating Father's Day, we spoke to actor Stephen Lord. 

We were lucky enough to catch up with Stephen - who has starred in a huge number of shows including Eastenders, Shameless and, most recently, Penny Dreadful - before he jetted off to his next filming location to find out what he enjoys doing on Father's Day.

With two children, Stephen certainly gets a good deal on Father's Day, especially as he's able to start it off with a good lie in. "On a typical Father's Day, I get a lie in and a delicious breakfast in bed that the kids help to make," he told us. 

Although he's quite happy just to be with his family on Father's Day and leave work to one side, with such a busy work schedule that takes him all around the world, this isn't always the case.

"My ideal Father's Day involves me having my head free of work and to be with my family at home in London, Manchester or Ireland. All Father's Days are good so long as I'm with my kids. I remember the worst was being away in LA without my family."

It seems that Father's Day can be a pretty relaxed affair for Stephen so long as it is spent with family. Considering he is often filming throughout the year, has to catch flights to the US at "the drop of a hat", and heads off to castings, we can't really blame him!

When it comes to gifts, the Penny Dreadful star is fairly easy going, suggesting that it really is the thought that counts.

"In terms of presents, all gifts or gift sets are, of course, most welcome. From a scented candle by Heyland and Whittle, to a relaxing spa treatment. A top of the range new car would be nice. I'm not fussy."

In fact, Stephen is so unfussy that he was even happy with the Le Creuset frying pan he received one year. 

"being a dad, for me, is the most important thing in the world"

When it comes to Heyland and Whittle products, Stephen has a couple of favourites he'd be quite keen to receive on Father's Day.

"You can't go wrong with a good brew, so my favourite scent is Earl Grey from the Home range. I also like the Citrus and Lavender Reed Diffuser at this time of year as it brings a touch of the outdoors to the whole house." 

These could be some great products to treat your own dad to on June 21st, especially if you think your dad could do with a pamper. Stephen suggests that fragrances and cosmetic gifts are great options for all occasions for both dads and mums; especially if your parents like to keep up with all the latest trends.

In fact, if your dad keeps to a skincare routine - or you think he needs to start - a cosmetic gift on Father's Day could be the ideal option. Even if it's just a moisturiser - which Stephen says is a must, along with SPF - this could help your dad take care of himself.

Even with his broad likes when it comes to presents, we get the feeling Stephen would be happy to do anything with his family on Father's Day whether he got a gift or not, as he told us that "being a dad, for me, is the most important thing in the world."

He also gave his advice to anyone looking for a way to treat their dad on Father's Day: "Play a trick on him and then treat him to all of his favourite things!"

So what is Stephen up to at the moment as well as looking forward to a treat-filled Father's Day at home?

"I'm currently enjoying watching Penny Dreadful, which we shot at the beginning of the year. I'm really looking forward to the Edinburgh Film Festival as well, as one of the films I appeared in called 'Violators' by Helen Walsh has been accepted into the Best of British category. I have also just finished on the set of the film 'Strangeways Here We Come' by Chris Green and I've created a TV show so watch this space."

If you want to treat your dad to some of Stephen's favourite scents or to another one of our products, you can do so for less this month with Heyland & Whittle...

There's definitely no reason not to spoil your dad this Father's Day now!