A nice day for a white wedding: Great favours for your big day

 A nice day for a white wedding: Great favours for your big day

If you're planning your wedding, you've probably got lists and lists of things you need to sort out. One of those things will be your wedding favours for your guests, which are a lovely finishing touch to your big day and can make friends and family feel special.

While wedding favours may not be the most important thing you need to sort out, they can help add to the feel of your day so it pays not to leave them to the last minute. Your favours help to add a finishing touch to your theme, represent you and your partner and thank your guests for being there on your special day.

Although there are some classic favours you can choose from, opting for something more inspiring and a little bit different can help your wedding stand out. This is especially the case if you give your wedding guests something that allows them to have a bit of a pamper after your big day - which they are sure to appreciate. 

Here are some great ideas for wedding favours with a difference:   

Traditional soap

If you and your partner are fans of our traditional soaps, why not give each of your guests a piece of your favourite fragrance? This will add a scented aspect to your big day and provides a useful favour that your guests are sure to love.

You could either give full-sized bars of traditional soap - allowing you to match the colour of the packaging to your wedding theme - or cut up a soap brick into smaller pieces, which can then be wrapped up or put in small bags.

H&W have some great options for wedding favours

It could also be a nice idea to offer your guests a chance to pick out a selection of small bars of soap by having a soap buffet instead of a traditional candy one. You can either pop your cut up soap brick in jars and glasses or mini soap bars and allow your guests to choose those that they like best.

We also have a range of boxed soap favours, which will make a really lovely addition to your reception tables.

Bath melts

Another lovely pamper option is to give each of your guests one of our luxurious hand-rolled bath melts. These are a lovely choice that is really different and is sure to be welcome the day after your wedding.

As well as being beautiful in the bath, the colourful flower petals used in the melts mean that they can be used as part of your centrepieces for an extra touch of decoration. You could place them throughout your centrepieces or make them the main focus depending on your taste.


Another lovely option is to give each of your guests one of our hand-poured soy candles, especially if you use candles throughout your day. 

Giving candles in the same fragrance as you are using will help conjure up memories of your wedding for your guests when they light their candles at home. This will mean that your big day is forever connected with your favourite Heyland and Whittle fragrance, which will make it even more special.

Choose from our votives, candles in tins or candles in glasses to find the perfect fit for your special day.

Find your perfect wedding favours to add the finishing touch to your big day here.