A small token of your love: Valentine’s Day gift ideas

A small token of your love: Valentine's Day gift ideas

February is here, which means that Valentine's Day is now less than two weeks away. If you've not yet thought of a gift for your other half, you can be forgiven, as it does seem like only five minutes ago we were frantically choosing Christmas presents.

The old and now cliched presents of flowers and chocolates can still be romantic, but if you want to show that you've thought a little outside of the box this year, have a read through our Valentine's gift ideas for the leading lady in your life.

Instead of the usual flowers

We think the best part of receiving flowers is their smell; a bouquet will inevitably die, but even then, that sweet floral scent often lingers on. Sadly, they have to be binned eventually, along with their fragrance.

But by giving your partner a present themed around their favourite blooms instead, you'll be essentially giving them the gift of that gorgeous floral fragrance that will last a lot longer than flowers in a vase.

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Think about the flowers that they love the most and opt for a reed diffuser in a scent that features notes of the aroma that usually makes them swoon. Our Neroli Rose Reed Diffuser and our Sweet Pea & Rose Reed Diffuser are perfect for lovers of sweet yet pungent blooms, while our Cherry Blossom Reed Diffuser is a little different thanks to the addition of amber, and the White Dahlia Reed Diffuser provides a muskier aroma, with added vanilla, oud, patchouli and, of course, musk.

For the foodie

Buying recipe books or kitchen equipment can be a bit of a risky zone if you want to avoid seeming like you're reinforcing traditional gender stereotypes. But if your partner loves cooking and is a bit of a foodie, a more romantic choice of gift could be a candle inspired by their favourite cooking aromas.

Show that you've thought a little outside of the box this year

If they've got a sweet tooth and are a keen baker, our Vanilla Custard Candle in a Can or our Strawberry Candle in a Can would make lovely gifts, allowing them to enjoy the smell of their favourite sweet treats without any effort in the kitchen whatsoever.

Meanwhile, for savoury lovers, our Black Olives Candle in a Can offers a really different fragrance reminiscent of Mediterranean dishes. And while the Garden Pea Candle in a Can and Tomato & Herb Candle in a Can might sound unusual, they're beautifully fresh and not at all overpowering, making them the perfect addition to your dining table. Planning to cook on Valentine's night? Add one of these to the dinner table to really impress.

For the keen gardener

If your other half loves nothing more than pottering about in the garden, change up your present buying from the usual plants - and the incredibly unromantic trowel - and go for something to help them pamper themselves after a busy day digging and repotting instead.

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Our Gardener's Soap Bar, which is both moisturising and exfoliating thanks to the addition of essential oils, poppy seeds, oatmeal and spices, would be a lovely option, letting them clean themselves up, smell more girly than earthy and get all of that stubborn dirt out of their fingernails after a hard day's gardening.

For the busy mum who deserves a pamper

Sometimes, the constant routine of work and family life can get in the way of us showing our partners just how much we appreciate them and how much they really mean to us. You don't have to go all out on Valentine's Day with a fancy meal or special date night - you could show them how much you love them by giving them the night off from their usual duties.

Put together a little pamper pack to make your gift extra special. We recommend one of our natural exfoliating Body Scrubs, a gorgeous Soap Bar, Bath Melts and a Candle in a Tin that they can light as they lie back, relax and enjoy a well-deserved break.

However big or small your budget, there's something for everyone to show their love this Valentine's Day in our collection. Browse it here