Amber: Mystical, fragrant and sensual

Amber: Mystical, fragrant and sensual

The mystical beauty of amber has captivated fossil hunters and jewellery lovers alike for centuries. Amber can vary in colour from a very pale, almost peach-like shade of orange to a deep rusty hue, spanning every variation in between.

But it's not just stunning to look at; amber is also believed to have some healing properties, and amber extract smells beautifully sensual too.

Gorgeous amber takes centre stage in our new Amber & Oakmoss home fragrance products, which include a Reed Diffuser and Candle in a Glass. But where exactly does it come from and what powers might it have?

How is amber formed?

With its orange, crystal-like appearance, amber is a mesmerising natural wonder. Amber is the result of resin from now-extinct trees fossilising to form a rock, often encasing creatures or plant buds in its wake.

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This leads to some absolutely fascinating creations, of insects suspended in time in a glorious amber case - something that has seen amber often referred to as 'the window of the past'. Indeed, some pieces could date back 45 million years, giving us a magical insight into a fascinating, prehistoric world.

Uses for amber

Such is its natural beauty that amber has long been used to make jewellery and other decorative objects. All natural amber pieces are one of a kind, providing them with extra mystique and giving them an air of being all the more coveted.

The glorious colour of amber means it looks simply stunning teamed with gold, whether that's a quirky cut piece on a chain or a delicate pair of earrings. 

Amber is a mesmerising natural wonder

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Amber deserves to be shown off, so framing it against a dark-coloured wood like oak when it's been turned into a vase or other decorative ornament can look wonderful, creating a real central talking point for any room.

What health benefits does amber have?

Another reason that amber is regarded as being so wonderfully powerful is due to the multiple health benefits it is believed to have.

For example, many people wear amber bracelets, as these have been linked with easing the pain of arthritis in the wrists, while others believe that amber necklaces can help to keep the thyroid in good health.

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Meanwhile, in some parts of the world, amber is massaged onto the gums of teething babies, as this is thought to soothe the pain.

Beautiful, fragrant amber

Enhance the touch of amber in a room by introducing some amber-inspired home fragrance. Amber has a truly unique smell that's exotic and mystical, in line with its origins.

Amber resin needs to be burnt to release its fragrance and create amber extract, which has a scent reminiscent of eastern aromas, thanks to its warm and spicy nature, with a welcome touch of sweetness.

The earthy oakmoss that it's teamed with in our new Amber & Oakmoss home fragrance range provides a brilliant base for amber to shine. The end result is incredibly sensual and full of eastern promise - the perfect addition to any home.

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