April Showers: Staying indoors with H&W

April Showers: Staying indoors with H&W

Spring may be in the air, but we all know that this is no guarantee of sunshine. Although we are one step closer to summer, April will still likely bring with it plenty of showers, which can mean you're stuck inside when you really want to go out.

This doesn't have to be a bad thing though, as there are still plenty of ways that you can bring spring in and make your home feel fresh for the season. Not only will this make your house seem more homely, it will mean you don't really mind when the April showers start.

Here are some perfect ways to stay indoors with Heyland and Whittle when the spring weather isn't playing ball:

Spring clean

To start the season right, having a spring clean is definitely the way to go. Getting rid of clutter and doing a good deep clean of your house will make you feel much better about having to stay inside when the sun isn't shining.

Once you've had your thorough spring clean, you can make your home feel even fresher by adding a reed diffuser to your living room or hallway. Choose a bright fragrance that reminds you of spring - like our Clementine and Prosecco or Greentea and Grapefruit diffusers - so you can make the most of the season while staying dry.

You can keep the fresh smell going well into summer too by picking up a diffuser refill and replacement reeds, which will ensure you get the most out of your reed diffuser for as long as possible. 

Relaxed evenings

H&W can make your house more homely during April showers

Even if you're happy to brave the bad spring weather during the day, there's nothing worse than going out on a cold, wet night. Although the evenings are getting lighter, they are still darker than the summer months, which means you can enjoy a touch of candlelight to help you relax.

What better choice than a few of our hand-poured soy candles? Not only do they allow you to enjoy your favourite scent from our Classic and Home ranges, they are also clean burning and offer hours of use.

Our candles also mean you can get the spring feeling at night as fragrances like Rose and Jasmine and Lilac are ideal for bringing the outside in without you having to brave the weather. 

Bubble bath

Of course, one of the best ways to make the most of getting stuck inside during spring is to have a good soak in the bath. While the weather isn't too warm, you can really enjoy a relaxing hour or two in the tub.

The summer months can be too hot to really enjoy a bath, so we think spring is perfect for fitting in as many as you like. Whether you like bubble baths or extra moisturising soaks, our range of bath products will have something perfect for you.

Why not pour in a few drops of luxury foam bath in our fresh and relaxing Citrus and Lavender fragrance or pop in a hand-rolled shea butter bath melt for a beautifully scented and soothing bath? You'll soon be wishing that the spring rain will continue so you have more excuses for a great bath. 

Find your perfect spring fragrance to fill your home here.