Back to school bliss: Great ways to relax now term has started

Back to school bliss: Great ways to relax now term has started

After six long weeks of summer, you're probably quite looking forward to the kids heading back to school. While it has been great getting to spend more time with them during the sunny season, having to think of things to do, keeping them occupied 24/7 and finding child care when you have to go to work can all be quite stressful.

It also means that you won't have had much time to yourself to relax and unwind, which may have left you heading into September feeling like you're going to start pulling your hair out. So what better reason to make the most of the kids being back in school than to enjoy some quiet time?

We've got some great ideas on ways to spend a day to yourself that aren't housework or errands. Here's how you should be relaxing to mark the start of a new term:

A good movie or a book

We all know that watching a film or reading a book aren't always the easiest pastimes when you've got little ones running around wanting attention. Constant interruptions can leave you reading the same page over and over again or missing a vital plot point.

While the kids are out of the house, use the peace and quiet to pick up where you left off and watch a film or read a book that you've been meaning to for ages. Make yourself a hot drink, grab a snack, curl up on the sofa and enjoy a couple of hours of entertainment that isn't a cartoon or colouring book!

You can make the atmosphere even more relaxing by lighting one of our hand-poured candles. Pick a scent you love and that helps you unwind to make your room smell amazing while enjoying the subtle glow of flickering candlelight.

Jump in the bath

Enjoy some quiet time with the kids back at school

There's no way you can relax in the tub with your little ones banging on the door or just wandering in when they feel like it - never mind having their toys everywhere! So why not use the new term as an opportunity to run yourself a hot bath and have a good pamper?

Baths are great at helping you unwind and are linked to several health benefits - which you can read more about here - so they are definitely a great idea for when you have the house to yourself.

Make your bath even better by pouring in some soft and fragrant foam bath. This will result in gorgeously fluffy bubbles that you can sink into, while there are three scents to choose from depending on your mood.

Alternatively, you can use one of our luxurious bath melts, which will fill your bath with shea butter goodness. These are ideal for leaving you with silky soft skin and are a must for the colder months.

Have a day with friends

You're not going to be the only one who deserves a break after a summer with the kids, so why not meet up with friends who have been in the same boat? Head out for lunch or even a coffee to catch up without the children around and enjoy a few grown-up laughs.

You could even treat them to a little gift so they can have a pamper after making it through the six weeks of no school. We have a great selection of gifts and treats for all budgets that are sure to put a smile on your friends' faces and give them a reason for some time to themselves too.

If you don't fancy a day out with a group of people, you could also enjoy a date day with your partner to enjoy some time with just the two of you. 

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