Bathroom solutions that could help you relax

Bathroom solutions that could help you relax

When it comes to relaxing rooms in your home, your bathroom should be close to the top of your list. It is the perfect space for a pamper, whether you like a long, luxurious shower or a nice soak in the tub, which means your bathroom should promote relaxation.

However, a messy and disordered bathroom is not the best environment to relax in. Rather than being able to recline in your bath and unwind, you'll end up sitting there and thinking of all the things you need to do in the room.

It doesn't take a lot to make your bathroom the ultimate haven, though. Here are a few solutions that could help you keep the space looking its best and completely ready for a relaxing pamper session at all times:

Shelving units

Many bathrooms only come with a medicine cabinet and some hooks on the door for towels, which means you often end up with all your toiletries crammed onto the edges of your bath, on your sink and in your shower. Not only can this make it hard to find what you're looking for, it makes your bathroom look untidy and harder to clean.

Solve your storage solutions by adding a shelving unit to your bathroom or, if you don't have a lot of space, adding some shelves where you can. This will give you places to store everything you need in the bathroom, including cosmetics and spare towels, as well as some nice touches like candles.

Simple baskets

If you're still worried about your bathroom looking a bit cluttered with shelves packed full of things, add some simple baskets to them so you can easily hide things away. Whether you use natural coloured baskets or something a bit brighter, they will look great on shelves and ensure you have enough storage space.

Simply have baskets for specific things, such as one for shower gel and one for towels, so as to keep a bit of order. It is a good idea to have one at the ready for just throwing things into if you need to, especially if you have little ones who like to leave toys in the bathroom. This means you can hide the mess away to deal with later while you unwind.

A messy and disordered bathroom is not the best environment to relax in

Just be sure you put things back in the baskets when you've finished with them to avoid the clutter building up again.

Switch up your lighting

A lot of bathroom lighting is quite bright, which doesn't really help you to relax when you want to. This is why it can be a good idea to look at your options in order to tailor your lighting a bit more and ensure it suits your mood when you want to unwind.

Things like spot lights, separate types of lighting that you can put on individually and fixtures that allow you to direct individual bulbs to certain areas all help you to change the lighting in your bathroom. Not only does this mean you can make the most out of the space, you also won't need to try and relax in glaring light.

Being able to change things up also means you don't need to choose between candles or bulbs when you're in the bath. Softer lighting will allow you to make the most of your favourite candles, but still be able to read your book without squinting.

Everything you could need to hand

Of course, one of the best solutions for your bathroom that will help you relax is having all the products you could want at the ready. One scent or one bath product isn't enough to suit your changing moods, so it pays to have a few choices waiting for you.

Choose a few different scents, types of product - such as liquid and solid soap, as well as foam bath and bath melts - and all the little extras that really make a bath or shower special. This will ensure you've got everything you need to suit your mood, which is the ultimate way to unwind.

A good lock

The final thing you need to help you relax in your bathroom is a good lock on the door! Whether you've got a partner who doesn't understand that a bath means alone time, children who want to join you or pets that whine for you to let them in, a lock on the door ensures everything else is kept outside while you get to enjoy a well-earned break!

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