Bathroom trends you should embrace this year

Bathroom trends you should embrace this year

If you love a good pamper, your bathroom needs to be a relaxing haven. There's not much point in trying to relax in the tub when you've got kids' toys scattered around or having to keep fishing out the shampoo bottles that have fallen off the edge of the bath.

Your bathroom should help you unwind and be conducive to you spoiling yourself, even if this is every once in a while. Whether you like to soak in the bath for a few hours at a time or enjoy a nice hot shower, you definitely want your bathroom to be a relaxing place and not a room you can't wait to get out of.

With this in mind, 2017 could be the ideal time for a revamp, as redecorating your bathroom could ensure you want to have a pamper more often. Switching things up can make your room look more spacious, improve storage and generally just create a nicer environment.

To help you create the bathroom of your dreams, here are some of the biggest decorating trends for this area of your house in 2017:

Pure white

If you want to create a nice clean look in your bathroom, the trend for classic white could be the ideal option. Using white throughout your fixtures, tiles and on your walls will help to create a fresh and clean space with minimal effort.

You can break the look up slightly by incorporating soft natural tones through your flooring and towels, which will stop the room from looking too cold. Alternatively, add another theme in, such as nautical, which will help personalise your bathroom. 

If you love a good pamper, your bathroom needs to be a relaxing haven

Finish the design with some candles from our classic range, which will look great with a white bathroom and provide the perfect touch to pampering baths. 

3D elements

When it comes to bathrooms, tiles are a necessity. However, they are also a big part of your design, so it can pay to make them a feature. This year, 3D tiles are set to be a big part of bathroom design, adding a lot of texture and making your room look more luxurious.

You can use them to highlight a certain area, create interesting patterns or simply as a border, allowing you to mix and match the styles you go for. It's a good idea to keep the colours you use relatively subtle however you choose to use 3D tiles, as this will play up the design more.

Mixed lighting

You can totally transform the look of your bathroom without having to redecorate it all. Simply switching up the lighting can change where the focus is, how colours look and the atmosphere of the space.

Why not try adding some spotlighting around your tub for a soft glow or introducing more lights around your mirror to create a dressing room feel? Even swapping your standard light bulb for a softer one will make a difference.

Mix and match your lighting to create the perfect bathroom look and to allow you to switch up the atmosphere based on your mood. This is sure to help create a calming room for you to relax in, as well as an invigorating space for early mornings.

However you choose to style your bathroom this year, be sure to have the products you need to relax in the tub or have a pamper in the shower. Don't forget to share pictures of your bath with us on Instagram too by using the hashtag #BritishBathTime.

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