Be ready for the changing temperatures

Be ready for the changing temperatures

It's time to bid farewell to August and start getting ready for the approach of autumn. While we're all hoping for an Indian summer at least at the start of September, there's no denying that the cooler weather won't be far off.

This can make things a little bit difficult when it comes to getting your home ready for the new season. British weather is unpredictable at best, but this gets much worse when the seasons are transitioning. 

To help you be prepared for anything the weather man might throw at you, here are some great ways to be ready for the coming changing temperatures:

Get some layers

There's no point in swapping blankets for heavy duvets or donning your warm winter coat when there's still a chance of blazing sunshine over the next couple of weeks. This could leave you feeling far too warm and incredibly uncomfortable.

Instead, be ready to layer up so you can react to temperature changes throughout the day and night. This means having comforters and cardigans at the ready, just in case.

As well as being practical, extra blankets in your home can also form design features, especially as you can use them to add another element to sofas, chairs and beds. When it comes to cardigans or other layers, opt for those that can easily be stored in your bag if things start to heat up.

Spice it up

Certain scents can have a real effect on whether you feel cool or warm, which can leave you better able to face the changes in weather over the next few weeks. 

It's time to bid farewell to August and start getting ready for the approach of autumn

Fresher fragrances - like Greentea and Grapefruit - are ideal for warmer weather and will help your home feel fresh, while spicier scents - such as Orange Spice - are the perfect way to feel cosy when outside is cold and miserable. 

You can add reed diffusers of your favourite fragrances to rooms or opt for candles, which allow you to easily change which scent you want to focus on depending on the temperatures. On top of this, candles are ideal for evenings in September, as they start to get darker earlier.  

Stock your cupboards

One thing that can change with the weather is the type of food you want to eat. Heavy and warming casseroles aren't ideal for hot days, while salads can leave you a little cold when it's chilly.

This is why it is a good idea to be prepared for the different temperatures when it comes to what food is in your kitchen cupboards. Opt for ingredients that last a while or that can be frozen, as well as a good range so you are able to tailor your menu to the weather.

Just be sure that every meal is nutritionally balanced, as this will leave you better able to fight off cold and flu when autumn really starts!

Be bath ready

When it comes to great ways to warm up on cold days, you can't beat a good hot soak in the tub. While you can enjoy a cooler bath during warmer days, there's something special about relaxing in steaming water while its raining and windy outside. 

Make sure you're ready for warming autumn baths by stocking your bathroom with your favourite foam bath or bath melts. This will allow you to jump in the tub on any day you fancy, while also ensuring your skin gets all the looking after it needs when the weather starts to turn.

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