Break the mould with your New Year’s resolutions

Break the mould with your New Year’s resolutions

Every December 31st we make New Year’s resolutions that we find very hard to keep. That’s usually because our motives for trying to change our habits are generally misplaced. Wanting to lose weight is often about how we look to other people, as opposed to making ourselves feel better, and having a clean house is also to do with appearances to others.

This year, we propose that you make achievable resolutions that will benefit you. Here are our recommendations.

Do one thing for yourself every week

Modern lifestyles mean that for many of us there’s not much ‘me time’ left over after obligations to work and family. Resolve to do one thing for yourself every week throughout 2020. It could be that you go to a yoga class or have a swim. Alternatively, you might like to read a book in the bath surrounded by Scented Candles. 

Pick up the phone and call a friend

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Keep in touch with friends

Make New Year’s resolutions you can keep and will genuinely benefit yourself as opposed to trying to meet other people’s expectations.

One of the things you may have noticed while writing your Christmas cards is that you haven’t actually spoken to some of the people on your list for a very long time. Keep a note of them and resolve to give each long-lost friend a call on the phone at least once in the coming 12 months. The chances are you haven’t spoken due to all your other commitments and not because you don’t value them as a friend.

Cook from scratch once a week

Hectic lives so often lead to us reaching for convenience food, but practicing the art of cooking from scratch can have a number of benefits. Firstly, you’ll know exactly what’s gone into your meal, so it’s likely to be healthier. Secondly, it can be very relaxing to set out all your ingredients and calmly follow each instruction in the recipe. Finally, the sense of achievement you get from a home-cooked meal is immense. Make sure you sit down at the table and give it the reverence it deserves.

Out the phone away this New Year

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Have a phone-free hour

Even when we think we’re relaxing and taking time out from our busy lives we so often reach for our phones. Out for drinks with friends? Snap a selfie. Enjoying a sunset stroll? Take a picture. Indulging in a romantic dinner? Capture it for Instagram. Hide your phone away for an hour a day or even just once a week to give yourself a proper break from that little screen. If you think you’ll find this particularly hard, try going old school with a manual camera instead.

Do more local trips

Travelling more is a common New Year’s resolution, but you don’t need to journey for hours or take a plane to enjoy the interesting places in this world. Plan more short trips to places close by and discover some absolute gems on your doorstep. See which National Trust properties are nearby, tick off historic sites with English Heritage, Cadw or Historic Scotland, or head out into nature with the Woodland Trust.

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