Build a brighter home this spring

Build a brighter home this spring

Now that March is here, we can start enjoying the warmer temperatures and brighter sunshine that come with spring. While the bad weather of winter may not have totally disappeared, we can start wearing fewer layers and getting outside more.

After winter, one thing that you should freshen up to embrace spring is your home. The cold winter means you're unlikely to have opened windows or let any of the season in, so now is the perfect time to revamp your house and embrace spring.

As well as having a spring clean, you might want to try and brighten your home up for the season. Here are some simple ways you can do this in order to start looking ahead to summer:

Let more light in

The easiest way to brighten your home is to let more natural light in. Swap heavy curtains for light ones, open blinds throughout the day and wash your windows inside and out to get rid of dirt that can make light look grimy. You could even swap blinds for stylish window stickers, which stop people from being able to see in, but also add a design to the glass.

Have a deep clean

We can start enjoying the warmer temperatures and brighter sunshine that come with spring

As well as clearing clutter when you have a spring clean, it's a good idea to really wipe down everything in each room. Not only does this mean your floors and furniture, it includes giving your walls a wash too. You'll be surprised how dirty painted walls and wallpaper can get and what a difference giving them a good clean will make. This will instantly make your home feel and look brighter while also saving you from having to repaint.

Add bold colours

Introducing bright colours to your home can have a big impact, even without totally redecorating. Adding soft furnishing in brighter shades that go with your existing decor can instantly refresh your house. Whether it's a throw on your sofa, new tablecloth or a few cushions, the little touches go a long way.

Don't forget fragrance

The way your home smells can have a big impact when it comes to how it feels. Add a nice bright, citrus scent to your house to instantly feel refreshed when you walk in the door. One of our reed diffusers is the perfect option as they deliver continuous fragrance and can easily be refilled.

Try one of our fresh fragrances, such as Green Tea and Grapefruit, Earl Grey or Clementine and Prosecco to really let spring into your home this season.

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