Can’t decide: How to use several scents in your home

Can't decide: How to use several scents in your home

When there are so many great fragrances to choose from to scent your home, it can be really difficult to use just one. Even if you think you've found the perfect option, there's sure to be something else that you want to try.

This can mean you end up with a mixture of fragrances going on in one room, which can be a lot for your senses to deal with! 

However, you don't need to miss out on enjoying more than one fragrance in a day, as there are ways to incorporate several scents into your home. Here are some great ways to mix and match your fragrances without getting a headache:

A fragrance per room

One great way to enjoy several scents at once is to have a different one in each room of your house. This creates a number of fragrance themes and means you don't have to try and pick just one from our great range. 

It's also an effective way to match a product and scent to the room. You could have something like Jasmine and Lilac in the bedroom to help you relax, Greentea and Grapefruit in the bathroom to create a fresh atmosphere and Cherry Blossom in the living room for sweet and subtle background notes.

Use complementary scents

You don't need to miss out on enjoying more than one fragrance in a day

Whether you're using a different fragrance in each room or you want to find a way to mix and match within one space, it is a good idea to use complementary scents - especially if you usually use a reed diffuser, but also enjoy lighting candles.

Finding fragrances that work together - such as Earl Grey and Grapefruit - can make it much easier to transition from one to the other without creating an unfortunate smell. Even if you're walking from one room to a different one, using scents that aren't too different can make the effect easier on your nose.

Stick with candles

If you love matching your fragrance to your mood, it may be a good idea to avoid using products that create a permanent background scent in your home. While something like our Sandalwood and Oud reed diffuser is really beautiful and will fill your room with warm notes, it can make it hard to enjoy the delicate scents of Coconut, Vanilla and Blackpepper

However, simply opting for candles can allow you to change the fragrance you want to enjoy without suffering from any overlap. Our hand-poured soy candles are highly scented, delivering stunning fragrances the moment they are lit. While you may not want to use two different ones at the same time, they are the ideal choice if you want something different every day.

Just enjoy

No matter how you combine different fragrances, so long as you love the results, that's all that matters. Different scents aren't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but experimenting to find out what works for you in your home is the best way to find the right balance.

If you enjoy the fragrances you use throughout your home, that's all you need so just sit back and take the scents in.

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