Cast an eerie glow and enticing aroma with candles this Halloween

Cast an eerie glow and enticing aroma with candles this Halloween

Tonight is one of the scariest and most fun nights of the year: Halloween, a night of screams, sticky toffee apples, tricks, treats and general ghoulishness.

A good October 31st celebration is all about creating an eerie atmosphere, and what better way is there to do that than with candles? But first, let's take a look at a few of the other features that all the best Halloween parties need.

Homemade costumes

Wearing a shop-bought fancy dress outfit on Halloween is a little like cheating. Part of the fun is seeing how creative you can be with a black bin bag and a few pieces of felt to turn into cat ears or devil horns.

You're not meant to look too professional, it's all a bit of fun, so dig out your sewing supplies and the glue gun and see what you can come up with. Check out Pinterest for inspiration and, remember, if it all goes wrong, no one knows what 'monsters' are meant to look like!

Tempting treats

It's not Halloween without toffee apples and they really couldn't be much easier to make. You need to boil around 400 grams of caster sugar with four tablespoons of golden syrup until all of the sugar granules are dissolved and you're left with a sweet sticky mixture to drizzle over your Granny Smiths.

If you want a 'trick' for any trick or treaters knocking at your door, whip up some cupcakes and top them with spooky-themed jelly sweets or fill them with hidden popping candy so they get a real surprise when they bite into them.

Pumpkin art

A good October 31st celebration is all about creating an eerie atmosphere

Most people can manage cutting a couple of triangles and a mouth shape in a pumpkin to make a scary face, but where's the fun in being the same as everyone else? Pinterest is full of creative pumpkin carving ideas from castles to cartoon characters, so unleash your inner artist and get cutting.

If you slip up, there's no need to worry - monsters are meant to have wonky eyes, right? And there's always the bonus of turning the pumpkin flesh into tasty warming soup or even adding it to cake mix for tasty chocolate brownies with a gorgeous difference. For the grown-ups, add pumpkin juice to your favourite cocktail recipe for a Halloween twist.

A spooky glow

To create the perfect atmosphere for the occasion, think carefully about your candle placement. Tealights hidden inside carved pumpkins or in fake cobweb-draped candle holders will certainly add to the spooky ambience of your Halloween party. But if you want to take things one step further, opt for scented candles that fit with the theme.

Our Vanilla Custard Candle in a Can will not only help to cast an eerie glow over proceedings on October 31st, but it will also help to bring out the aroma of those tempting toffee apples thanks to its sweet, warming fragrance that's just like the freshly-made custard of your childhood.

Bring out the scent of your homemade pumpkin soup too with our Orange Spice Candle in a Tin, which features notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove alongside a zingy citrus burst.

Adding these food-inspired accoutrements to your party decor will create an incredibly sensual Halloween experience for all the senses - and you can keep your home smelling like these beautiful fragrances for weeks afterwards too.

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