Celia Sawyer Talks to Heyland & Whittle about the Importance of Home Fragrance

Celia Sawyer Talks to Heyland & Whittle about the Importance of Home Fragrance

Interior designer and TV personality Celia Sawyer opens the doors to her beautiful home and invites us in to share expert tips on how fragrances can be used to enhance your home. We asked Celia several questions.

1.      What do you look for when shopping for a new fragrance? For me, the appearance of the bottle is equally as important as the smell. When shopping for a new fragrance, I am first attracted by the style of the bottle and then I check out the fragrances on offer. They need to have an aroma that is long-lasting because I find this often determines the quality of a fragrance.

2.      Why is it important to fragrance your home? It is always important to fragrance your home as it creates an atmosphere of your choice that reflects your individuality. It can also enhance the style of your home for instance; if it is a masculine interior with dark, heavy fabrics then musky and woody notes give the room character and add to the overall style. I like to think that my fragrance choices are an extension of my personality.

3.      Should you fragrance each room differently? If so, which scents work best in each room? I tend to stick to one fragrance in the majority of rooms so that the house has a flowing fragrance throughout, otherwise it can become confusing and I like my guests have a consistent fragrance journey when they visit. However, often in bathrooms I’ll add a zesty and fresh scent such as Heyland & Whittle’s Citrus & Lavender range. It’s so beautiful and vibrant! The combination of fruity lemon and sweet, smoky lavender evoke the scent of an English garden in summer.

4.      Does the interior of your homes impact on your fragrance choices? The interior of my homes really does impact on my fragrance choices. If I am in a house by the sea, I may well design the house with a very different interior to something in the city. The aromas inside should represent the interior design. I particularly like to dress my homes with the Classic Collection by Heyland & Whittle because they look premium and classy and suit all of my rooms.

5.      Do you fragrance each of your homes differently? When I find a fragrance I love, I can’t help but use it constantly until I decide it is time for a change. At the moment, I can’t get enough of the Clementine & Prosecco fragrance by Heyland & Whittle. The packaging is gorgeous and it smells divine – just like a glass of orange and bubbly!

6.      What does your home smell of and do you change the scent depending on the season? Fresh and inviting with an element of coolness. In the winter, I choose a more exotic scent with a hint of cinnamon such as the Orient Home range by Heyland & Whittle. 

At the moment, I can’t get enough of the Clementine & Prosecco fragrance

7.      If you could create your own scent what would it be? I prefer warm and woody scents with deep and smoky notes so it would be something like... Balsamic, amber and spice.

8.      What fragrance would your friends and family describe you as?  Dramatic, spicy and alluring!

9.      Does a particular scent evoke a particular memory? Aromatic smells remind me of lovely overseas locations on holiday. Sometimes I mix it up and in the colder months I use Heyland & Whittle’s Greentea & Grapefruit range throughout my Sandbanks home to take me back to sunny moments abroad.

Thanks Celia, great advice!

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