Choosing a fragrance for someone special

Choosing a fragrance for someone special

We pride ourselves on our extensive range of products here at Heyland & Whittle, but we appreciate that this can make choosing one difficult - especially if it's for someone else.

Perhaps you've been deliberating for what feels like hours over a spicy scent versus a floral bouquet and still just can't decide on what would be best for that all-important recipient. Rest assured - you're not the only one, as this is an issue we're asked about quite often.

Whether you're on the lookout for a birthday present, a thank-you gift or you're even thinking ahead towards that certain, very big gift-buying bonanza on the horizon (nobody wants to be the first to mention it, especially not in what's left of summer!), we can help you.

How? Try thinking about what they're like, not just what they like. Let's explain ourselves by offering some of the preferences of our regular customers as an illustration - we'll put them into very basic 'categories' as a guide.

The family-oriented

Never happier than when they're spending time with their family or just in their own company, gift recipients in this category probably have homes that come straight from the pages of House Beautiful - and they love to be organised. They always appear immaculate and unflappable and their bedrooms usually have a bouquet of whatever flowers are in season sitting on the dressing table. And there's your answer: something floral is perfect in this instance. Try a Jasmine and Lilac candle or a Neroli and Rose room mist for instant brownie points.

The keen foodie 

If your recipient is hooked on the Great British Bake Off, makes puddings to rival Mary Berry and always knows the best restaurants in a ten-mile radius, then they're clearly a foodie. And the good news is that this makes them really easy to choose fragrances for; remember that scents aren't always just about flowers.

Trying to pick a scent for someone? Try thinking about what they're like.

Indeed, there are now some great ones available in our product range that are based around foodstuffs. We bet they won't be able to get enough of our Coconut, Vanilla and Blackpepper body lotion or our Olive and Fig soap - and you can keep shopping the rest of the range when you need more gifts for them another time.

The person with the busy lifestyle

We've all got friends or family members who seem to have dozens of projects on the go at once - they make you feel tired just watching them. They can be difficult to buy gifts for too, even once you've settled on something from H&W - what exactly? Well, in terms of scent, we'd suggest that they're probably quite practical and efficient, which makes them a great match for our clean and crisp citrus-based scents.

However, we could also narrow it down further by suggesting something like a Wild Lemongrass reed diffuser - that way, they can place it in their bedroom and they won't have to mess around with separate air fresheners and linen sprays - that's more time for extra projects!

The regular traveller

Anyone who enjoys a good holiday could also reasonably be viewed as a person who likes experiencing the cultures of other nations - they can't just be going for the sunshine and the luxury hotels, surely. If that's the case, then they probably tend to like fragrances that are a little bit different from the traditional fruits or florals. Why? Because they remind our culture vultures of the scents they've come across on their travels, whether it's spice markets in India or rich forests in the USA.

That can help you as a gift-buyer - all you have to do is track down the mysterious and the exotic. Luckily, that isn't hard, as our Sandalwood and Oud range will do just fine.

So, are we right in our assertions? Do let us know, or fill us in if you think you've got more hints that could help our gift-buyers make the right decision.