Christmas movie night checklist

Christmas movie night checklist

The Christmas break is now within touching distance; a week off work to spend with loved ones, wear nothing but pyjamas, play board games, make memories, forget what day of the week it is and watch festive films.

There are few things better than snuggling up on the sofa while it's cold outside with a Christmassy movie. Settling down to watch The Snowman on Christmas Eve is a festive tradition for many families, as you forget about work, the weather and everybody else and get lost in the magic of the season. And with a little preparation and a few extra touches, you can make your Christmas film night even more magical.

Festive film snacks

'Tis the season of eating and drinking, so preparing some festive snacks to tuck into during your film is a must. It's not a proper movie night without popcorn, but instead of debating over whether to have sweet or salty, have Christmassy. Sprinkle a little mixed spice or just some cinnamon and nutmeg over your popcorn and give it a good shake so every piece is covered.

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Have a few clementines handy too for some festive sweetness, and a hit of vitamin C - much-needed at this time of year to keep colds at bay.

And to drink? Hot chocolate - with optional added Bailey's - is surely the only option. Turn it into even more of an indulgent treat by adding squirty cream, mini marshmallows and one last dusting of cocoa powder.

Snuggle up

Getting all warm and snuggly is essential, especially if it's snowing outside and the temperature is below freezing. As much as the prospect of a proper white Christmas sounds magical, the reality leaves us wanting to stay snuggled up indoors where it's warm and dry.

Put on your warmest pyjamas or onesie, get your slippers on, fill the hot water bottle - extra points for a Christmas-themed cover - and dig out the blanket. You'll be so snug you won't want to move until the new year.

Create that cosy festive feel

It's not a proper movie night without popcorn

For an extra cosy feel, dim the lights and watch your movie by the light from your Christmas tree. If you've taken the minimalist approach to fairy lights, create a little extra atmosphere by lighting a Christmas scented candle.

There are three festive fragrances to choose from in our Celebration Collection; Frankincense, Myrrh and Winter Spice, and each is available as a Candle in a Glass with beautiful intricate etchings, or as a Candle in a Tin.

Our Frankincense scent is sweet, smoky and woody all at the same time, with notes of cinnamon, jasmine, vanilla and essence of frankincense itself combining to create a gorgeous and unique festive fragrance.

Myrrh is a little more citrusy, with the smell of sharp fruits offset beautifully against warming musk and oud, as well as lightly floral patchouli, jasmine, geranium and rose.

Meanwhile, Winter Spice offers a much more traditionally festive fragrance, with notes of orange, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg - the perfect scent for a cosy Christmassy evening.

Now...what to watch?!

Once you've ticked off each item on your Christmas movie night checklist, all that's left to do is decide which film to watch.

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With the options ranging from the hilarious Elf to the classic It's A Wonderful Life and from the heart-warming Love Actually to the magical The Polar Express, it's hard to pick where to begin. We think that you can't go wrong with The Snowman, and it's a nice short one to give you enough time to fit in a few in one evening.

But, luckily - depending on which way you look at things - there are bound to be enough cold evenings ahead to keep you cooped up indoors in front of the TV, so there'll be plenty of time to watch everything.

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