Create the perfect romantic atmosphere for a home Valentine’s

Create the perfect romantic atmosphere for a home Valentine's

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, offering couples the chance to be romantic and spoil each other. 

While tradition suggests a fancy meal out is the way forward, many people are shying away from this and are choosing to have a quiet Valentine's at home instead. 

Whether you're cooking a meal, getting a takeaway or carrying on with your usual evening routine, you don't need to miss out on the romantic atmosphere you'd experience at a restaurant.

There are a number of ways you can make your home seem a bit more loved up and add a touch of something special to your quiet night in, no matter what your plans.


One thing that can instantly change the look and feel of your home and make it more suited to romance is candlelight. This is a much softer light than you'll get from your bulbs and can instantly make any room feel more intimate.

You can also tailor the amount of light you want, or alter the focus of the room simply through the placement and amount of candles you use. 
If you want to get the romantic feel from candlelight but don't want to sit in semi-darkness, you'll probably find that several candles spread throughout the room will be the best option.

However, if you want a truly intimate meal or evening, a couple of candles placed on the dining table or centrally in the room to focus the soft light will be ideal. You could even create a feature in this way, by teaming a candle in a glass with several votives to create a candlescape. This will add another element to the room and serve as decoration.


The way a room smells can also alter the atmosphere and amp up the romance of your evening. You can add a subtle fragrance to a room with your candles, achieving two effects with one item.

When it comes to choosing your scent, everyone considers different fragrances to be romantic. However, rose and jasmine are two fragrances that are commonly associated with romance and are perfect for adding delicate notes to your room that will be subtle but still effective.

Ideally, you should stick to using a single fragrance or two that work together and complement each other, as mixing numerous scents can be a bit dizzying and might not result in the atmosphere you're after. Luckily, Heyland and Whittle have already done all the hard work for you by creating beautifully blended fragrances that make it much easier for you to introduce multiple scents to a room. 

If you'd rather forgo candles, you can also fragrance your room with our H&W room mists, which add the scent without the candlelight.

Having a quiet Valentine's Day? Don't miss out on the romantic feel of a night out by using these easy tips


Working on another sense, music is an important part of creating the right Valentine's atmosphere; after all, silences can be awkward even if you've been together for a while.

Popping on some 'elevator music' in the background for a bit of ambience can help make the room seem more comfortable, while also helping you to relax. 

Ideally you want to keep the music just audible so it doesn't interfere with conversation or negatively impact the atmosphere you've created. It's also a good idea to choose music that doesn't have lyrics, as this will make the music less noticeable over time.


While rose fragrance helps to create a romantic ambience, the flowers themselves have also become synonymous with love, which is why it is a good idea to have roses at the ready on Valentine's Day.

You can either display long-stemmed red roses in a clear vase to add something pretty to your room, or use the petals for a bit of decoration. They can be scattered on your dinner table or on your bedspread, depending on the room you are making romantic. 

This is a really simple way to add a romantic element to your home and gives you an excuse to buy some flowers if your partner fails to do so.

Soft furnishings 

Slightly softening the appearance of a room can also add to the cosy, romantic feel of it. Adding a few more soft furnishings can help make a room look and feel more comfortable. 

Throws, cushions and table cloths can introduce another element to your home with minimal effort. You can simply drape these over furniture and add more cushions to sofas and beds to help soften the feel of a room.

If you want to go all out, you could even go a step further by putting up fabric wall hangings around the room, which will totally alter the look and feel of a room and make you feel like you are anywhere but at home. 

However you are planning on celebrating Valentine's Day, one or more of these additions to your room can really make a difference.