Create the perfect spooky atmosphere for Halloween

Create the perfect spooky atmosphere for Halloween

All Hallow's Eve is just around the corner, giving you the perfect excuse to embrace your spooky side and dress up your home to be slightly scary. 

Whether you're taking the kids Trick or Treating, having a Halloween party or drawing the curtains and enjoying some of your favourite frightening movies, there's plenty of reasons to create a spooky atmosphere for October 31st.

To help you be ready to put your witch's hat on and revel in the scary season, here are some great ideas for stepping up the frightening in your home:

Coloured bulbs

You can instantly transform your home into a slightly scarier place by swapping your normal light bulbs for coloured ones, which will add a different type of light to a room. This is a great way to decorate for Halloween without you having to spend a fortune and will totally transform a space with minimal effort.

Fairy lights

You can also forgo your standard lighting completely and opt for twinkling fairy lights instead. White fairy lights can be used throughout a lot of different areas of your home, while waterproof varieties can be put in vases to create a different type of atmosphere. 

Halloween is the perfect excuse to embrace your spooky side

This may not be totally spooky, but it can make it seem like you are underneath the stars and add an ethereal aspect to your atmosphere.

Light some candles

Of course, candles are a great way to add a spooky touch to your room. Lighting a space with candlelight alone will mean it flickers when people move and create lots of shadows that can be incredibly spooky.

You can also position candles to make the most of the shadows, resulting in shapes on the wall that will make people double-take.

Draped fabric

If you want to make your room look even darker, try draping fabric over the walls to make it seem like a totally different place. You can use sparkly fabric, deep colours like red or standard black, depending on the result you want.

Just be sure to keep candles away from any loose material to avoid a fire hazard.

Spooky accessories

You can't really have Halloween without the odd scary accessory. From skulls to ravens and cauldrons, there is all manner of spooky things you can add to your home. Find the perfect selection for your theme and fill them with tricks or treats to suit your mood.

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