Creating the perfect atmosphere for summer parties

Creating the perfect atmosphere for summer parties

The summer season is the perfect excuse to get friends and family round yours for a party. Whether you go all out or opt for a small and simple barbecue, a party is a great way to catch up with everyone, enjoy good food and make the most of the summer weather.

But a summer party isn't just about getting the food and drinks in; you also want to create the right atmosphere.

Creating the ideal feel to your party will help people relax and enjoy themselves while also signalling to them what type of party it is. After all, you don't want to invite people over for a quiet night only for them to think it's meant to be a raging party.

So how do you go about creating the perfect atmosphere? We've got some ideas:

Set the mood with music

The type of music you have playing when people arrive and throughout your party is a big factor when it comes to creating an atmosphere.

It is a good idea to have music playing quietly in the background when people are arriving, as well as when the party is in full swing. This can make silences less uncomfortable and keep things light and enjoyable.

The type of music you choose is also important. If you have loud club music playing, it tells people that you want a loud and lively party, classical music could be more relaxed, while pop music can be played quietly or loudly depending on how you want the party to go.

Creating the ideal feel to your party will help people relax and enjoy themselves while also signalling to them what type of party it is.

If you just want to keep things quiet, ambient music is the best way to go.

Create the right lighting

While you'll hopefully be lucky enough that you can make the most of natural sunshine for the majority of your party but when the evening starts to draw in, you want to think about lighting. 

A great choice for lighting both in and outside is candles as they can create a lovely relaxed atmosphere and a beautiful soft light. You can place them around your room or garden for a more diffused light or focus them around a table or seating area for a brighter setting.

On top of this, candles can also influence the atmosphere due to their scent, allowing you to choose your perfect party perfume to set the scene. You can go for something fresh and fruity with Wild Lemongrass, choose a classic floral scent with Neroli and Rose or opt for a more sensual fragrance with Sandalwood and Oud.  

Add a fragrance

If you want to create a great ambience with scent but don't to opt for candles, you can also achieve this really easily. In fact, if you're outside, you may find that certain fragrance products help to keep flies and other insects away, which can also improve your party.

Our Reed Diffusers work indoors and outside, just so long as you put them somewhere out of the way to avoid them being knocked over. They will release a subtle fragrance that can mirror the feel you're trying to create for your party.

Scents like our Greentea and Grapefruit will add a fresh citrus edge that is great for keeping insects at bay and creating a vibrant environment. If you want a scent that screams summer, our Coconut, Vanilla and Blackpepper is a great choice as it will remind everyone of beach holidays and sun cream.

Of course, the most important factor when it comes to creating the right atmosphere is the people. Your friends and family are what make it a great event, so make the most of summer by getting them over this season.