Creepy treats for All Hallows’ Eve

Creepy treats for All Hallows' Eve

October is almost over, which means that not only are we getting closer to Christmas, but also that Halloween is on its way. The spooky celebration offers you the ideal opportunity to embrace your frightening side and transform your home into a creepy haunted house.

While Halloween decorations are a great place to start, you can take the theme further by whipping up some delicious and scary treats for your family. Whether you're expecting trick or treaters to knock on your door, are having a party or simply want to settle in to watch some horror movies, Halloween-themed snacks are a must.

To give you some inspiration that is sure to satisfy even the littlest of monsters, here are some great ideas for spooky treats to enjoy this October 31st:

Monster cupcakes

Cake is always a winner and cupcakes aren't hard to turn into something slightly frightening for Halloween. Once you've made your cupcakes, make some different coloured buttercream icing and gather up some delicious sweets.

Get your kids involved with helping you decorate, covering each cake in different icing and using the sweets to make some scary faces. You can even make things like spiders by adding edible lace legs.

These are sure to provide a fun activity as well as a delicious treat.

Marshmallow eyeballs

If you want to create a great looking snack table, marshmallow eyeballs are the perfect choice. All you need are big marshmallows and food colouring pens or liquid colouring and a fine brush.

Halloween-themed snacks are a must this All Hallows' Eve

Simply draw or paint eyes onto the ends of every marshmallow, choosing different colours - as well as some scary shades like red - leaving them to dry before serving them up. You can also use these marshmallows on cupcakes and cookies as an easy decoration.

Pumpkin Krispie treats

Nothing says Halloween like pumpkins. Rather than just carving up some Jack O' lanterns this year, make edible pumpkin snacks that also look great.

Rice Krispie treats are easy to make, as well as delicious so are always a good option. All you need is puffed rice cereal, marshmallows and food colouring. Melt your marshmallows and stir in your cereal to create a slightly sticky mix.

Separate the mixture into two bowls, a small amount to form the pumpkin stalks and a lot to make the pumpkins themselves. Add green and orange food colouring to the different bowls, stirring well to get an even colour.

When the mixture is cool enough to handle, shape the orange mix into circular pumpkins and the green mix into stalks to attach to the top - it helps if you make a hole in the top of the pumpkins to push the stalks into.

You can either serve these up as they are or use a black food colouring pen to draw scary faces on them.

Ghost hand punch

As well as food, you need a frightening Halloween drink to serve up. Make yourself a red punch or simply serve blackcurrant or cranberry juice in a bowl. Rather than adding ice cubes to keep it cool, wash a latex glove to remove the powder and fill it with water, leaving enough space to tie the end into a knot.

Freeze the glove overnight until the water is solid and then cut away the glove. Add the hand-shaped ice to the punch bowl before your guests arrive and it will look like a ghost hand floating around.

Of course, you can't have Halloween without the right atmosphere. Shop our range of candles to make the most of spooky shadows.