Early bird gift ideas for Christmas

Early bird gift ideas for Christmas

Don't look now, but there are less than 100 days until Christmas. We're not sure how it happened - wasn't it only sunny July five minutes ago? - but there appear to be boxes of festive chocolates and mince pies in the shops already.

It's tempting to pointedly ignore this, insist we must get Bonfire Night out of the way first and lament the ever-earlier exposure of Christmas by supermarkets each year.

However, it might actually be a good idea to take a leaf out of their book and do a little early bird preparation of your own. We don't mean dusting off the tinsel and digging out your Christmas Crooners CD just yet - but putting a little thought into gift ideas now could well mean you don't end up in a mad rush come December.

After all, everyone has those tricky people on their gift list who are really hard to buy for; wouldn't it be great to make 2014 the first time you don't end up trawling the shops for something to buy them at the last minute? 

Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling, with different categories to suit your budget and requirements.

Secret Santas/stocking fillers

Many workplaces have Secret Santa arrangements these days, or you might have someone on your list who warrants a gift but whom you don't want to spend a fortune on.

You could always opt for a gift voucher here, as money to spend on things like their eBook reader or a cinema ticket will go a surprisingly long way and could be welcome for the January sales.

Getting a head-start on your shopping could be worthwhile as a certain big day approaches.

However, things that look more expensive than they are might be better. For example, check the TV shopping channels for special offers on things like nail varnishes or sets of earrings, which can then be split up and used as individual presents. Our bath melts in a bag or soap bundles here at Heyland & Whittle could also be a good choice.

Really thoughtful gifts

An easy way to think of thoughtful presents is to take a look at your recipient's social media profile - and if you're not sure how to do that, use the planner on their TV digibox instead. You'll get loads of clues about what they like and any hobbies you might have missed.

For example, if they never miss an episode of The Great British Bake Off, some posh cookware would be perfect, while a signed picture of their favourite actor (these are available online from fan sites) could be a good choice for drama enthusiasts. For interior design fans, an accent piece like an ornament or a scented candle would certainly not go amiss.

A nice big treat

If there's someone on your gift list you'd like to really treat this Christmas, you might want to consider a truly special present such as an appointment with a personal shopper in their favourite department store or an experience day. There are lots of these available that cover everything from cooking classes and rally driving to afternoon tea, so there should be something to suit your recipient.

Alternatively, if you'd rather get something to present them with on the day, opt for a nice big box of something especially lovely. A hamper of beautiful jams could be a nice plan here, while our bumper gift sets here at H&W are a quick and easy option that look great to open up. How about a set of bath melts and soap for an indulgent treat on a winter's evening?

Many of these suggestions are small enough in size to get now and put away in your special cupboard - although our products may give the game away unless you leave it a little while longer, because of their wonderful scent! You can find all the H&W gift ideas you need at prices from just £10 to an affordable £30 here.

At least you'll have your list rating to go though - and you can enjoy the satisfied feeling that comes from being an early bird this year.