Easy ways to stay cool this summer

Easy ways to stay cool this summer

The heat is certainly rising this summer and we're set to see some scorchers as the season progresses. While this is great if you're a fan of the sunshine and warm days, those of you who struggle to handle the heat are likely going to be left needing a quick cool off.

While we all know that popping on a fan and opening windows can offer a bit of relief, these are solutions for all instances of overheating this summer. After all, you can't really walk around all day with a fan pointed perpetually at your face.

Luckily, there are more than a few tricks that can leave you feeling cool, calm and collected throughout the summer. Here's how we recommend beating the heat:

Drink plenty of water

Drinking cold water throughout the day can help you feel a bit cooler but is also important as you tend to lose more fluids during the hot months. Staying hydrated will help in terms of health and serves as a quick way of cooling you down.

You should avoid things like juice or squash as they contain high levels of sugar, which isn't great if you are drinking them through the day. Instead, stick with standard water that has been refrigerated.

If you don't like the flavour of water, try adding some cucumber or a squirt of fresh lemon or lime juice to your glass for a bit of low-calorie, low-sugar flavour that is also incredibly refreshing.

You may also want to pop a bottle of water in the freezer overnight for carrying around with you throughout the day. The ice will melt as the day progresses but keep the water lovely and cold.

Cool pressure points

Citrus, mint and herbal products can help your skin feel refreshed and cool you down, making them great for summer.

If you're feeling overheated, you don't need to cool your whole body down for some relief. We have pressure points in certain areas of our body that can be used to effectively cool you down quickly.

One such point is your wrists, where your veins are close to the surface of your skin. This means that running your wrists under cold water or placing an ice pack on them with help to cool the blood in your veins and offer almost instant relief.

You can also place a cold compress on the back of your neck or splash your face with cold water for instant relief.

Regular lukewarm showers

No one likes a cold shower, so it's a good thing that you can enjoy a slightly warm shower but still feel a lot cooler instantly. 

Jumping in a slightly warm shower in the morning or evening can help you feel refreshed and a lot more comfortable on warm days. You don't need to have a full shower, as the water will be enough to make a difference, which means you can literally stand under the water for 30 seconds and feel a difference.

If you do want a proper shower, you can add an extra cooling factor by choosing the right wash products. Citrus, mint and herbal products can help your skin feel refreshed and cool you down, making them great for summer.

Our Greentea and grapefruit Shower Gel is incredibly refreshing so can help get rid of grime and sweat that can build up on your skin and make you feel warmer. It is the ideal pick-me-up for both morning and evening and is likely to become your favourite product for summer. 

You can also give our traditional Herbal and Mint Soap, which can offer relief even after your shower. Mint will help to cool your skin down if it is too hot - just as it can warm it up if you're too cold - meaning is the perfect summer soap for hands, body and face.