Everything you need to know about oakmoss

Everything you need to know about oakmoss

Oakmoss, a type of lichen often used to perfume fragranced products, takes centre stage in our brand new Amber & Oakmoss Reed Diffuser and Amber & Oakmoss Candle in a Glass.

But what exactly is it? While we've all heard of both oak and moss, oakmoss is an entirely different type of plant, and despite its less-than pretty appearance, it actually has a gorgeously deep aroma. So, why have we chosen to team it with exotic amber in our new products?

What is oakmoss?

Oakmoss, or Evernia prunastri, is a kind of fungus that can primarily be found on the trunks and boughs of oak trees.

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It has an almost spidery, or antler-like appearance, with fronds clustering together to create a distinctive-looking plant. Indeed, beauty can be found in even the most unlikely of places.

This type of lichen typically grows in the Northern Hemisphere and across most of Central Europe, with its naturally earthy tones creating a perfect base for other scents, such as the aforementioned amber. Together, the two combine for a beautifully musky and wonderfully powerful blend.

Uses for oakmoss

Oakmoss is regularly used in perfumes and home fragrance products

Due to its unique smell, oakmoss is regularly used in perfumes and home fragrance products. It has a woody, earthy scent, which provides a versatile base from which to add floral or fruity smells, or richer aromas, like amber.

Oakmoss is also believed to have various health benefits, with some believing that, in essential oil form, it has wound-healing properties and could even prevent them from becoming infected.

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What's more, oakmoss is thought to have immune system-boosting benefits and some also believe it can help to settle digestive issues.

But most commonly, it is found providing its unique, deep, earthy scent to fragranced products, as is the case in our beautiful new Reed Diffuser, refill, and handmade Candle in a Glass.

Part of our Gold Classic Collection, they are packaged in beautifully detailed boxes with gold accents, reflecting the opulence and indulgence that this range is designed to encompass, providing the utmost luxury for your home.

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