Fantastic wedding favours for your big day

Fantastic wedding favours for your big day

If you're planning your wedding day, you're sure to be considering all the small elements that will make your big day extra special. 

From buttonholes to centrepieces and table settings, there are a whole host of tiny things that can add to the look and feel of your day. Of course, one of the important things you need to consider is the type of favours you want to give to your guests. 

Wedding favours are a sweet little touch that essentially thanks all your guests for being part of your big day. They are usually put on the tables at your reception, making them part of the setting and so adding to the decorations and aesthetic.

Traditionally, favours were made up of things like sugared almonds or other sweet treats, although you can give practically anything as a favour. This means you can even give some of our beautiful products, ensuring your guests have something natural and useful to take home as a reminder of your big day.

Here are some of our favourite ideas for H&W wedding favours:

Hat box soap

We are well known for our traditional soap - as well as incredibly proud of it - partly because it is suitable for all skin types. This makes it a great choice for your wedding favours.

Our hat box favours come in a range of shapes and sizes, allowing you to personalise how you present them to your guests. You can either choose a square or circular box featuring our logo and trademark cream and black design. These are lined with tissue paper to protect the soap and create a lovely look. 

We also have a hat box soap specially designed for weddings, which comes in an ornate light grey and silver box, complete with light grey and pink tissue paper. This is perfect for teaming with shabby chic or super glam colour schemes.

You can also choose between circular soaps - which come in the circular boxes - or heart-shaped soaps, which are in the square boxes. These come in two different colours but three different scents, while each of the soaps is topped with a small rose.

Wedding favours are a sweet little touch that essentially thanks all your guests for being part of your big day

No matter what you choose, these mini boxes will look lovely on your tables.

Mini soap favours

If you want a simpler look and a broader choice of colours, we also offer mini soap favours

You get the same quality traditional soap, but in 65g bars that are boxed up and finished with a ribbon and mini rose. These are just as pretty but come at a lower price, which makes them ideal if you have a tight budget.

The soaps come in Rose, Lavender, Jasmine and Lilac, Herbal Mint and Queen of the Nile scents, with the colour of the boxes representing the fragrances.

Soap bricks

If you like the idea of mini bars of soap for your guests but want to package them up yourself to ensure they fit perfectly with your big day, you might consider a soap brick.

Our soap bricks are all 1.5kg, with all of our traditional soaps available in this form; allowing you to choose your favourite. These are easy to cut into smaller bars - although we advise care as you do so - which means you can choose the size and shape of your bars.

You can then package them all up so they are ready to give to your guests. You may want to leave this as close to the last minute as possible though, to ensure the soap doesn't sweat in the packaging.

Gift sets

If you are giving something special to members of the wedding party - such as your bridesmaids or the mother of the bride/groom - it could be a lovely idea to choose one of our gifts sets.

We have a range of gift sets to choose from, in terms of fragrance and contents, allowing you to tailor your gift to the person, which makes it really special and personal.

From small little extras to extravagant hampers, we have the right thing to help you say thank you to everyone who has helped you be ready to walk down the aisle.