Favour ideas for your spring wedding

Favour ideas for your spring wedding

Now that March has arrived, many of you may be thinking about putting the finishing touches together for your wedding. The next few months are usually full of weddings, with each one being special in its own way.

Whether you're having a traditional ceremony, doing something a bit different or combining both modern and classic, you'll want to ensure that all the finishing touches are absolutely perfect. This means choosing the ideal wedding favours to place on your tables.

Not only are favours a great way to say thank you to your guests for coming to your big day, they help to add to the decor of your reception and say something about you and your partner. With this in mind, here are some great wedding favour ideas for your spring wedding:

Personalised glasses

You're going to have wine glasses or champagne flutes on the tables during your meals anyway, so why not make them your favours so guests can take them home and have a cute memento of your day?

You can use glass pens or paint to create designs on simple glasses that reflect your wedding. These could be all the same or include the names of those attending so they serve as place settings too. 

Wedding soundtrack

Your wedding favours say something about you and your partner

Are you playing specific music during your ceremony and reception? Music is an important part of your day and helps create the atmosphere, so why not give it as a favour to remind people of the day? Make up some CDs featuring the songs you're going to play and let your guests take one home. 

Mini succulents

If you're not having flowers as part of your decorations, why not add a bit of green in a different way? Mini succulents will look adorable on your tables, add a bit of colour and serve as a wedding favour with a difference. Mix and match the types you give to keep things a bit different. 

Slices of soap

Instead of the usual sugared almonds or sweets, why not give a practical gift that smells great? Soap is an unusual favour that gives people something they can use after the big day. You can give pieces of yours and your partner's favourite scented soap so it is still a personal gift too. 

We have small boxed soaps and mini soap favours that are ready to be popped on your table straight away. However, you can also buy soap bricks to cut up into smaller pieces and package in a way that fits with your wedding decorations.

Whatever favours you choose, we hope you have an amazing wedding day.

Go different with your wedding favours by giving Heyland and Whittle's traditional soap