Feeling the chill: How to stay warm this season

Feeling the chill: How to stay warm this season

Although some areas of the UK are still getting a fair bit of sunshine, this isn't going to last much longer. Wet and cold days are a big part of autumn, so it pays to start preparing for miserable weather while you can.

While it would be easier said than done to stay inside and avoid the bad weather, there are simpler ways to defend yourself against feeling the chill this autumn and winter. Whether you're out and about or having a cosy evening, we've got some great tips on keeping you warm until spring has sprung once again.

Here are some of the best ways to heat things up a bit this season:

Double up your curtains

Did you know that a large amount of the heat from your home gets lost through your windows? This means that you're effectively losing money through your double glazing and are more likely to start feeling chilly.

Pulling your curtains when the sun starts to go down can help a bit with this, but if the fabric is fairly thin, it won't provide much of a barrier. While you can buy thicker curtains, these can get fairly pricey.

Instead, grab yourself another pair of slightly cheaper curtains and hang them behind those you already have. This will create a second layer that will keep your home feeling a lot warmer.

Size up your coat

Sometimes it seems like a much better idea to hang out at home with a blanket and hot chocolate rather than face the cold wind outside. Unfortunately, we all need to brave the great outdoors now and then so a nice warm outfit is a definite must.

Prepare for the miserable weather while you can

A great way to make sure you are comfortable no matter what the weather is doing is to go a size up on your coat. This means you can layer up with woolly jumpers, long scarves and whatever else you need to fight off the chill until you can get inside.

Run a hot bath

If you've gotten drenched or get home shivering, it can be really hard to feel warm again. While turning on the heating and making yourself a hot drink can help, shaking off the shivers can be easier said than done.

Rather than wrap yourself up in a mountain of blankets while feeling miserable, run yourself a hot bath that is sure to help you chase off the last of the chill. Soaking in the tub helps to improve circulation and generally warm every inch of you, so you'll feel cosy even after you've dried off and changed into your PJs. 

Make your bath extra luxurious to help relax your mind as well as your body by adding one of our great bath products to the water.

Light some candles

Part of feeling warm is making your house feel as comfortable and cosy as possible. A great way to do this in the evening is to light a candle or two. 

While candles won't heat your room up too much - unless you light a fair few of them, which we don't recommend as it could be a fire hazard - the flickering light they give off helps you relax and adds a great atmosphere to your home. 

You can up the cosy factor by choosing a warm scent like our Orange Spice, which is the perfect choice for the season. Combine the candle with a reed diffuser and you can enjoy this spicy scent all day long.

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