Fragrances to warm you up this autumn

Fragrances to warm you up this autumn

While there are lots of ways to keep your home cosy this winter - some of which you can read about here - you can't really beat a lovely warming fragrance. Even if the weather is freezing cold, there's something about certain scents that help you to feel lovely and warm.

This is perhaps why scents with deep undertones and spicy elements are so popular for autumn and winter. Lighting a candle that features one of these warming scents can help you to forget the rain and wind outside and feel instantly comfortable at home.

To help you find the perfect warming scent for the season to ensure you feel toasty, here are some of our favourite choices:

Sandalwood and Oud

A beautifully woody scent, Sandalwood and Oud will conjure up the spirit of the orient and create a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. Warming sandalwood is combined with a hint of rose and slightly sweet oud to result in a deep scent that will stay on the air long after you've blown out your candle.

The perfectly layered scent is really beautiful and will help you totally forget the heavy downpours and gale-force winds raging outside. Enjoy it just in the evening by lighting one of our hand-poured soy candles or all day long with a reed diffuser.

Olive and Fig

Certain scents can help you feel lovely and warm

While the top notes of our Olive and Fig range are lovely and fresh, the undertones add a gorgeous peppery warmth that will have you feeling like you're under a bright blue sky somewhere in the Mediterranean.

Earthy fig is combined with green olive to create a really balanced fragrance with savoury notes. The slightly spicey tones make it ideal for autumn, especially if you want to dream ahead to spring and summer. You can add a burst of scent to your home with a room mist or pop some oil in a burner.

Coconut, Vanilla and Blackpepper

Yes, we know that many people will think that Coconut, Vanilla and Blackpepper is more suited to summer than autumn and winter, but this beautiful scent is incredibly versatile. The slightly sweet fragrance features subtly spicy black pepper, while the combination of coconut and vanilla creates really warming notes.

You can light one of our candles, close your eyes and vanish off to an island paradise - at least until you need to come back to reality. If this fragrance doesn't make you feel like you're on a sun-kissed beach and help to fight off the chill, we don't know what will.

Orange Spice

Of course, we can't talk about warming autumn and winter scents without mentioning Orange Spice. This is perhaps the quintessential fragrance for the season, helping you get in the festive mood and want to drink mulled wine by the fire.

Our orange spice range features top notes of sweet and zesty orange, combined with a base of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove giving it a spicy edge and helping you feel warm from head to toe. After a bad day, this is sure to help you unwind and feel cosy in no time.

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