Fragrances we love this month

Fragrances we love this month

August is almost over, which means autumn is fast approaching. Although the summer season seems to be drawing to an end far too soon for our liking, you can keep it going a bit.

Certain scents are bound to make you think of summer and the month of August, which makes them ideal for filling your home with as September starts. What better way to make you think of sunshine and warm days when the weather outside is wet and gloomy?

To help you keep August going a little bit longer - even when your calendar says it's Autumn - here are some of our favourite scents this month:

Olive and Fig

Summer doesn't need to be all about floral fragrances straight from the garden. Fresh scents can remind you of the season and keep it going in your house too, especially if they remind you of hot days in the Mediterranean. 

Our Olive and Fig Classic Range is wondrously warm and inviting scent that is ideal for keeping those summer holiday memories alive. It includes a blend of sweet fig and peppery olives to create a delicious green and earthy scent that has several layers.

If this doesn't make you feel like you're sat on a sunny balcony with a slight breeze coming off the ocean, we don't know what will!

Clementine and Prosecco

There's a reason this fragrance is one of our best sellers. Clementine and Prosecco is the perfect combination of sweet and citrus, helping you to remember summer parties and glasses of bubbly. 

August is almost over, which means autumn is fast approaching

It includes several tasty summer fruits, including pear, apple, plum, peach and apricot, as well as clementine. This is all finished off with notes of sparkling wine, sugar and dried fruits. The overall effect creates a scent that has sharp citrus notes that are softened with a delicious sweetness.

This fragrance is definitely good enough to eat and can help you keep the fun of summer going.

Neroli and Rose

Of course, if you're a fan of classic floral summer scents, you can't go wrong with our Neroli and Rose fragrance range. Combining citrus notes of orange blossom with gorgeous rose will leave you feeling like you're sitting in a sunny garden in the countryside.
The warm fragrance is one of our best-sellers and is available in everything from candles to hand lotion, allowing you to really fill your home with the scent and wear it on your skin too.

Not only does it smell great, neroli is also an uplifting fragrance, which means you'll be ready for whatever the cold days of autumn can throw at you.

Coconut, Vanilla and Black Pepper

We can't really mention summer scents without talking about our Coconut, Vanilla and Black Pepper Classic Range, after all, what is more summery than coconut?

You may not be able to head to a tropical destination this autumn to escape the typical British weather, but you can certainly make your home smell as though you're sunning yourself on a white sandy beach. 

Our range combines the sweet and iconic fragrances of coconut and vanilla with pepper to create a warm and slightly spicy scent. You might not think that black pepper works with these other notes, but it really does, adding an adult edge to a favourite to make it more sophisticated.

So, rather than moaning about the cold this autumn, simply light one of our Coconut, Vanilla and Black Pepper candles and dream of summer.

To find your perfect scent to keep the summer season alive in your home, shop our full range here