Fragrances we love this November

Fragrances we love this November

Another month is over and we're creeping steadily toward the end of 2016. Now that November has arrived, it's time to start wrapping up warmer, preparing for the weather to get a lot wetter and getting ready for the festive onslaught that is just around the corner. 

It also means you have a great excuse for introducing some new fragrances into your home.

Not only does November mean that other smells are likely to start creeping into your home - such as mud, wet leaves and general damp thanks to wet coats - it also tends to mean that want to create a really cosy atmosphere. Fragrance is a big part of this, as it can help you feel warm and comfortable, as well as remind you of previous years.

With this in mind, here are some of the scents that we love for November and that you should definitely add to your home:

Orange Spice

This is probably one of the best fragrances for this time of year, especially as we get closer to Christmas. The combination of sweet and zesty orange with warming spices is perfect for making anywhere seem like home, even if it's pouring with rain outside.

The scent conjures up images of roaring fires, snuggly blankets and mulled wine, which are all great additions to an evening in. It's sure to get you in the festive spirit and help remind you of past winters with a good dollop of nostalgia.

November fragrances can help you feel warm and comfortable

We combine orange oil with clove, cinnamon and nutmeg to create this beautiful fragrance, which is available in candles and reed diffusers.


Another wonderfully warming scent is our Orient fragrance from the Home range. This isn't a traditional winter option, but the aromatic notes help to create a really warm atmosphere, which is perfect for November.

With fragrance notes inspired by the Orient, this scent will help to transport you away from the rainy UK and help you unwind. Light one of the candles from this range in the evening and you'll soon be forgetting that you need to brave the bad weather again in the morning.

As well as reed diffusers and candles in this fragrance, you can also enjoy it in an organic soap bar, allowing you to add it to your bathroom as well as the rest of your home.


One of our new scents for the festive season, Frankincense is a wonderful combination that will really get you in the mood for Christmas and fill your home with warmth. 

This woody fragrance features frankincense, oud musk, vanilla and cistus to create a slightly sweet scent with plenty of depth. With a slightly smoky edge, it is balanced out with jasmine and rose to add a subtle floral element, creating a complex and sophisticated option for November.

You can enjoy this scent in a number of products, including candles, soap, bath melts and massage oil, each of which is available in our new Christmas gifts. Other fragrances in this range that could be perfect for November as well as popping under the Christmas tree are Myrrh and Gold, which you can read about here.

To find the perfect fragrance for your home this November, shop our full range here