Fragrances you need in 2017

Fragrances you need in 2017

A new year means a fresh start and it definitely gives you a great excuse to try out some new fragrances in your home. While you may have some old favourites that you come back to time and time again, 2017 could be the year you find a new one you never thought to try before.

Over the past few months, we've released new scents as well as continued to make those that have been tried, tested and loved. This is why we can say with absolute certainty that you need to try one or more of these fragrances this year: 

Vanilla Cappuccino

Coffee lovers can rejoice in the fact that we now have a scent that can satisfy your caffeine cravings. While it won't give you quite the jolt that a morning espresso will, our new Vanilla Cappuccino fragrance from the H&W London range will help fill your home with a rich and smooth scent.

Combining the smell of freshly brewed coffee with a buttery swirl of sweet vanilla, you'll soon feel like you're relaxing in a chic cafe in the capital. Available in a candle and reed diffuser, you can enjoy a burst of scent or continuous fragrance. Of course, you could always make the most of this scent and use both products.


You may not think that lavender is a particularly modern scent or it may remind you of your grandma, but our Lavender fragrance from our Home collection could soon change your mind. Rather than a sickly sweet floral smell, this one incorporates an elegant smokiness that could soon convince you there is more to this purple plant than meets the eye. 

On top of this, lighting our Lavender candle before bed will soon have you feeling relaxed and ready for a good night sleep, as the fragrance is one of the best for helping you unwind. Even the most staunch lavender haters may soon change their mind.

Lily and Ylang Ylang

2017 gives you a great excuse to try out some new fragrances in your home

Another new scent that will soon have you feeling like a different person is our brand new Lily and Ylang Ylang. This wonderfully delicate floral fragrance has been released in beauty products to help turn your bathroom into a harmonious space where you can enjoy a pamper.

Available in our traditional soap bar and bath melts, this fragrance combines floral lilies with beautiful ylang ylang before unfolding into sweet and woody basenotes of vanilla and sandalwood. Perfect if you need a pamper or if you want to spoil someone for Valentine's Day, this fragrance needs to be on your list for 2017.


If you want to blow away the cobwebs after this New Year, you can't do better than Limoncello. This wonderfully citrus fragrance that is inspired by the delicious Italian drink and is part of our H&W London range will soon have your home feeling fresher. 

With sharp notes combined with sweet elements, it is sure to become a firm favourite, whether you choose a candle or a reed diffuser. This is just what you need to get you looking forward to spring.

Cherry Blossom

Speaking of spring, our Cherry Blossom fragrance from our Classic range sums up the season perfectly. Since we released it a few years ago, it has become incredibly popular and for good reason.

We've combined the sweet scent of cherry blossoms with warming amber and vanilla to create a subtle and effective scent. Available in reed diffusers and candles, this fragrance will have you feeling you're relaxing in a Japanese garden on a sunny day.

We've plenty more fragrances for you to try this year and are always trying out a few new ones, so shop our full range here and transform your home for 2017