Get your garden summer ready

Get your garden summer ready

There's nothing like soaking up the sun in the garden during the summer months. Whether you're a fan of barbecues, outdoor parties or simply like to make the most of a cup of tea and a good book outside, you want to make sure your garden is ready for the season.

Even if you aren't particularly green-fingered, it is a good idea to give your garden a spruce up before the summer is fully underway. This will mean you'll have more time to enjoy it without having to worry about what you need to do to your garden.

We've got some great tips on getting your garden ready without a lot of hassle. Read on to see what they are.

Cut the grass

You may think this one is obvious, but you might not realise what a big difference a quick trim of your lawn can make. Even if you don't know what you're doing with plants or fancy landscaping, you can instantly make your garden look neater and tidier by giving it a quick once over with your lawn mower. 

If you don't have a lawn to trim, ensure you sweep any decking or paving, making sure that no weeds are growing around them. Those with gravel should check this is where it is meant to be and stones aren't scattered about anywhere else.

There's nothing like soaking up the sun in the garden during the summer months

All of this will instantly make your garden look fresh and ready for the summer.

Throw down some seeds

Is your garden looking a bit worn and sad after winter and spring? It could be a good idea to throw down some grass seed to help it become green and lush again. The seed doesn't take long to grow so you should have a greener lawn in a week or so.

If it's your flower beds that have seen better days, you can either plant new blooming flowers or sprinkle them with wildflower seeds if you don't fancy getting your hands dirty. Either way will add a bit of colour - although the seeds aren't an instant fix!

Bring the wildlife in

A garden can be brought to life by the animals that visit it, so why not make yours animal-friendly? Add some bird feeders and a bird bath to your outside space to introduce some ornamental touches and fill it with movement throughout the summer days.

Those who love animals but hate creepy crawlies should pop one or two of our Citronella Outdoor Candles in their garden. These will add some atmosphere in the evenings and fill the space with a gorgeous citrus scent that is also an effective insect repellent.

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