Give breakfast time a boost with zesty home fragrances

Give breakfast time a boost with zesty home fragrances

Most schools have now broken up, our gardens are in full bloom and we've still got some lovely long hours of warmth and daylight to look forward to, which means we should be finding it pretty easy to find our 'get up and go' in the mornings.

After all, among the chief complaints about winter is the fact that it's hard to wake up each day because of the lack of daylight and heat, with the sun often not getting its hat on until long after work has started.

However, this might not be the case for all of you. Sometimes we can feel groggy in the summertime too, perhaps because of the temptation to stay up later than usual sitting out in the garden, or possibly because we're exerting ourselves more than normal during day trips and outdoor work - especially if there happens to be a heatwave.

If you are having trouble nodding off, then you may be interested in our previous article about beating sleeplessness with lavender.

But if you just need a little extra zing as you eat your breakfast and gather together as a family ahead of a busy day, then how about treating yourself to some of our energising home fragrancing products?

We've got a few suggestions below that should jolt your senses awake and leave you feeling ready to enjoy these summery days.

Green Tea & Grapefruit Room Mist

This is one of our most popular scents, particularly at this time of year, thanks to its uplifting feel and lightness. It's the olfactory equivalent to a cold splash of water on your face and it certainly cheers us up whenever we smell it.

If you spritz a little room mist around the kitchen, dining room and hallway in advance of everyone leaving the house, it'll linger and give the whole family a boost.

Don't be groggy over your morning meal and cup of tea - rise and shine with our zingy scents.

Wild Lemongrass Reed Diffuser

Anything citrus-themed is a winner when it comes to invigoration, so wild lemongrass is always a big hit with our regulars. We think the scent has the same effect on your nose as eating sherbet has on your tongue - it's lively and positively fizzes with zing, making it ideal for the mornings.

Place a reed diffuser on your breakfast bar or anywhere else in your kitchen and it'll fill the whole room with fragrance, as well as hide any cooking smells. It'll also be there to welcome you as soon as you rise, ensuring you start the day with a smile.

Earl Grey Candle

If you have a little longer to linger over breakfast, why not light one of the Earl Grey candles from our 'Home' range?

This scent is a little more delicate, but it's still positive and uplifting. You can keep it burning for hours at a time to fill the room with a subtle fragrance that's homely without being heavy.

Treat your body too!

It's not just the home that can benefit from a little extra fragrance at this time of year - adding some to your body will give you a boost when you're flagging a little. Our Wild Lemongrass scent is also available in a handwash and it will drift up for you to enjoy whenever your hands move in front of your face. It also refreshes your digits if you've had anything strong-scented for breakfast or lunch, so keep some by the sink - and perhaps treat your workplace to a dispenser if you're feeling really generous.

We'd also recommend keeping some Green Tea & Grapefruit body wash and lotion handy for first thing in the morning, as well as when you return home from a busy day. Why? Well, we like to use it to give our feet a quick wash in cool water as well as for when we have a shower proper. It's amazing how revitalised you feel after doing this and rubbing a little moisturiser in - and your feet will be beautifully scented for ages afterwards.

Try some of these scents and see if you can get your energy levels back up to 'high' this summer.