Gold Classic: a luxurious upgrade on our Classic collection

Gold Classic: a luxurious upgrade on our Classic collection

In the autumn, we launched our new Gold Classic range, which is a luxurious upgrade on our longstanding Classic collection.

The two ranges consist of many of the same fragrances, with Cherry Blossom, Greentea & Grapefruit, Sandalwood & Oud, Citrus & Lavender, Lily & Ylang Ylang, Wild Lemongrass, Clementine & Prosecco and Neroli & Rose featuring in both collections, expertly created to suit the season, soothe and relax, or uplift your mood.

But there are a whole lot of differences too, as we've made the Gold Classic collection look much more luxurious and decadent than its predecessor.

To start with, the Reed Diffusers in the Gold Classic range provide you with 200ml worth of gorgeous scent - 100% more than the older Classic collection. This means you'll get twice as long out of whichever fragrance you opt for, but you won't necessarily be paying more for the privilege.

It's £35 for a Gold Classic Reed Diffuser, but it would have cost you £54 in total for two 100ml Classic diffusers - that works out at a saving of 35%.

Gold Classic Reed Diffusers include intricately etched glass containers

Plus, the Gold Classic Reed Diffusers include intricately etched glass containers for the reeds, rather than the plain designs of our older range. Once all of your scent has evaporated, you can top it up with a refill, or keep the gorgeous glass and use it as a pretty vase for freshly cut flowers - just trim the stems to fit and it'll make a lovely little addition to the decor of any room.

They're also now much more beautifully packaged, with gold leaf detail on the boxes, as well as specially designed illustrations, which is the case for every product in the range, from the Candles in a Glass to the wonderful Gift Set of three votive candles.

The Gold Classic candles use our new soy blended wax, which is suitable for vegetarians. This is a unique blend developed by Heyland & Whittle using only natural ingredients like soy, rapeseed, coconut and beeswax.

This unique wax produces a smoke-free and clean burn, unlike paraffin wax, which emits nasty toxins. The wax will burn down the glass jar, creating an even burn with no tunnelling effect and a lovely light glow highlighting the detail etched glass.

This means they make stunning-looking gifts for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day and any other special occasions, thanks to their luxury feel and beautiful scents.

With floral, fruity and even musky fragrances, there's something in the Heyland & Whittle Gold Classic collection to suit everyone's tastes.

Gold Classic is just one of the Heyland & Whittle fragrance collections. Discover all of our ranges here