Goodbye summer: Getting your home ready for autumn

Goodbye summer: Getting your home ready for autumn

We know you don't want to hear it, but summer is almost over and autumn is on its way. The days of sunshine are going to become fewer and far between as September progresses and the weather is set to become colder.

You may think that this is only going to change how you dress when heading outside, but actually you should also get your home ready for the new season. 

Taking steps now to get your home ready for the colder months can help make it more comfortable and allow you to hold onto summer for as long as possible.

But what should you do now to prepare your home for autumn?

Have a clear out

We've all heard of having a spring clean, but it is also a good idea to have an autumn clear out. 

Over the summer it can be easy to let clutter build up as you're likely to have spent as much time as possible outside in the sunshine. This can leave you with stuff all over the place that will easily become mess.

Having a clearout will also ensure that your radiators aren't blocked, so when it comes time to turn them on, they will work a lot better.

Check your heating

If your heating has been off for a few months, it is a good idea to pop it on now for an hour or so to ensure that everything is working properly. Even if you don't need your heating on, you should turn it on at least once a week in the run up to winter as this will keep it functioning.

It will also alert you to any issues before the cold weather hits so you are saved any freezing cold days at home.

Bleed your radiators

Taking steps now to get your home ready for the colder months can help make it more comfortable

As well as turning your heating on now, you should also bleed your radiators. This will get rid of air in your radiators, which results in an equal distribution of heat, and allows them to warm up faster and retain heat better when turned off.

Change your curtains

Thicker curtains are a good idea during autumn and winter as they help to stop heat escaping through your windows. If you don't have thick curtains, you can always add a second pair to your rail to provide extra insulation.

You should also be sure to draw your curtains as soon as it starts getting dark, as this will further help keep your house nice and toasty.

Get out the extra blankets

There's nothing worse than not being able to find an extra blanket for your bed or to wrap yourself up in when having a cosy night on the sofa. Find all your spare blankets now or invest in a few new ones so you're totally prepared.

You may also want to wash any blankets you have already to help freshen them up. This will save you from the musty smell they seem to get after being packed away.

Bring the sunshine inside

You don't have to totally say goodbye to summer as there are ways to bring a touch of it inside. 

Adding a vase of flowers to your room can help brighten it up and add a splash of colour that can make a big difference on a grey day. 

You could also add a reed diffuser in a floral or citrus scent to your home, as this will create a fresh atmosphere that is a lot more summer than winter. Something like our Jasmine and Lilac Reed Diffuser is really beautiful and will make you feel like you're having a picnic in a green park. 

You can also create a beautiful atmosphere in the evening with our range of candles, which come in a range of beautiful scents that are sure to add a summer edge to your home.