Great fragrances for guys this Father’s Day

Great fragrances for guys this Father's Day

June may be the start of British summer time, but it is also the month where we celebrate our dads, grandads and other men who have had a big impact on our lives. Father's Day falls on Sunday, June 19th this year, so you've got plenty of time to find the present to show how much you care.

While buying for guys can be more difficult than choosing a gift for your mum, it isn't impossible. We've got a great range of products that are suitable for men and that could be the perfect option for your dad this Father's Day.

Here are some of our favourite scents that your dad is sure to love:

Earl Grey

Fresh scents are a great way to go when buying products for guys as they aren't too strong and don't have overpowering floral notes. Our Earl Grey fragrance offers light, citrus tones combined with a delicate tea scent to create a winning classic.

In candle or reed diffuser form, this fragrance creates a background scent for a room that is really lovely - in fact, it does this whether you light the candle or not! This means it is ideal for lounges or bedrooms as it will help the room seem fresher without being too much.

You can now get our Earl Grey scent in a soap bar, offering gentle and effective cleansing that leaves the skin feeling moisturised and lightly fragranced. It is the perfect choice for a morning shower and is sure to help your dad wake up and feel ready to face the day.

Sandalwood and Oud

Father's Day falls on Sunday, June 19th this year

If you know your dad likes deeper fragrances, he may be a fan of our Sandalwood and Oud scent. This delicious combination is woody and holds a touch of the orient that makes it a lovely choice for evenings. 

The warm scent is wonderfully exotic and also features several layers that help it last a long time, even when you've blown the candle out. 

Treat your dad to a reed diffuser or some fragrance oil and a burner to help him enjoy this relaxing fragrance wherever he chooses to use it.  

Olive and Fig

If you think your dad might like a slightly fruity scent but want to avoid anything too sickly sweet, our Olive and Fig fragrance could be a good option. This warm fragrance will conjure up images of the Mediterranean due to the great mix of sweet figs and warm olives.

The green, peppery notes of olive help to balance the fig to avoid its sweet edge becoming too much. This results in a scent that is both sweet and savoury. 

Not only does Olive and Fig work well in candles, it is also a lovely choice for handwash, allowing you to give your dad some skincare products that he's more likely to use. You might even want to throw in a matching hand lotion!

To find the perfect fragrance for your dad in time for Father's Day, shop our full range here