Great ways to get ready for Easter

Great ways to get ready for Easter

If you celebrate Easter, you're probably already thinking about what chocolate egg you'd like to tuck into on the day and what you're going to do with your two bank holidays.

While you may not go as big as you do at Christmas, Easter is still a lovely time to celebrate and make an effort.

This doesn't mean you have to go all out and totally cover your home in decorations, but you can embrace the spring season and get into the spirit of the holiday by including a few touches here and there.

Here are some great way to get ready for Easter weekend:

Plan an Easter egg hunt

If you have little ones, an Easter egg hunt could be a great way to spend some time. While you may think that you just need to hide eggs around the house or garden for them to find, it could pay to do a bit more planning.

Try mapping out your hunt or making a list of hiding places, as this will make it easier to hide all the eggs, as well as check if any haven't yet been found on the day.

You could even create your own chocolate eggs by melting chocolate and filling moulds. Pop them in little colourful gift bags and then just sit back and enjoy the fun!

If you want a more adult Easter egg hunt, try creating a scavenger hunt with clues that need to be solved in order to find the treats.

Create table decorations

While you may not go as big as you do at Christmas, Easter is still a lovely time to celebrate and make an effort

Easter is also a great time to get the whole family around for a meal and will give everyone an excuse for a catch up.

Rather than just sitting around the table as normal, create table decorations that ensure the event seems more special.

This doesn't mean you need to create something elaborate, as there are plenty of easy decorations that still look really lovely.

You could place baskets in the centre of your table and fill them with hand painted eggs. These can have patterns on them - which can be a fun activity for kids and adults - or you can just paint them in various pastel shades.

It could also be nice to add a touch of formality to the meal by drawing up name cards so everyone has a set seat. These can be on egg-shaped card or come with a cute fluffy chick decoration.

Of course, you can also add some candles to your table to create a nice relaxed atmosphere. 

Easter treats

You can also whip up some tasty Easter treats so you have more on offer to your friends and family than shop-bought chocolate eggs. 

A really easy option is to melt milk chocolate and mix in cornflakes. Use the mixture to fill cupcake cases, creating an indent in the middle. Add a few mini chocolate eggs and allow to set.

If you're feeling brave and want to try some more heavy-duty decorating, you could also make an Easter cake and use icing to decorate it. Your little ones can help you create bunnies and chicks to top it and create a lovely springtime image.

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