Have you developed the art of cosiness?

Have you developed the art of cosiness?

There's a new trend in town when it comes to interior design. Rather than the latest stylish colour, accessory or item of furniture, the latest trend is all about a feeling.

That's right cosiness is the latest must-have thanks to the Danish way of life that is taking over the UK. Hygge - which is pronounced hoo-guh - is all about creating a comfortable, cosy and relaxing atmosphere and environment for your family.

Now is the perfect time to fully embrace this trend and develop the art of cosiness, with the cooler seasons meaning you want your home to be more comfortable than ever. Whether you want to create a space to unwind in at the end of a long day or to steal a few moments of peace whenever you can, the idea of hygge can help.

But how do you add the idea of hygge to your home? Here are some of the best ways we can think of to fully embrace all this comfortable and cosy:

Fluffy slippers

Slippers are one of the most underrated things when it comes to feeling cosy during autumn and winter. Keeping your toes warm is one of the best ways to regulate your temperature and ensure you don't get chilly while relaxing at home. 

Make sure everyone in your family has a nice pair of fluffy slippers that will see them through the cold seasons and they'll be sure to thank you. You could even have a couple of pairs at the ready for guests so they can enjoy feeling at home too.

Stock up on the hot drinks

There's nothing quite like hugging a mug of steaming tea and coffee to put you in the mood to relax, so make sure you stock up on all your favourite hot drinks. From hot chocolate - don't forget the marshmallows - to fruit tea, stock your cupboards so there is something for every mood. 

Hygge is all about creating a comfortable and cosy atmosphere

Not only will this help to keep you feeling cosy, you'll also be able to make guests feel really welcome. 

Warm Pyjamas

We all like to get changed when we get home from work or if we're settling in for the evening, so make sure you have some warm pjs to hand this November. No matter what style, colour or fit you prefer, cosy winter pyjamas can really help you unwind and will ensure you stay nice and toasty all night.

If your pyjamas aren't enough to keep you feeling warm and comfortable, layer them up with a fluffy dressing gown that matches your slippers.

Choose neutral tones

If you want a way to add a touch of hygge inspiration to your interior design, try adding warm, neutral tones to your home. Any neutral colours that have red undertones instead of blue will help to make your home feel cosier. 

This also helps to create a slightly minimalist design that you can dress up with wood and soft textiles to stop it looking too cold. Introduce different textures and finishes to ensure your space looks three-dimensional, while things like throws and blankets look great and are perfect for wrapping up in on a cold autumn night.

Light some candles

When it comes to creating a truly cosy atmosphere, candles are a big winner. The soft light they produce helps you to relax and offers a gentle alternative to bright bulbs and electric lighting. 

Lighting candles that feature warm scents - such as Orange Spice - will help your stress melt away and ensure you feel warmer without having to touch your heating. Get into the habit of using candles on their own or combining them with soft lamps or dimmed lighting to complete your hygge home.

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