Heyland & Whittle to launch chocolate-scented candle

Heyland & Whittle to launch chocolate-scented candle

As Easter approaches, we know you’ll be looking to fulfil your chocolate cravings any way you can. Here at Heyland & Whittle we’re dedicated to producing the most luxurious and decadent fragrances, which is why we’ll be launching an 80 per cent cacao candle.

100 per cent delicious; zero calories

Created with the finest Ecuadorian cacao, this new product will fill your home with the delicious scent of chocolate, but with none of the calories. It’s a great way to enjoy a delicious treat, even if you’re on a diet, but also if you’re not.

Unique soy wax blend

All of our candles are made with a unique soy wax blend, which means they burn cleanly and evenly without any negative impact on the environment and the Chocolate Candle is no exception. Choose between the Chocolate Candle in a Tin and the Chocolate Candle in a Glass for an atmospheric Good Friday and a relaxing Easter Sunday.

Ecuadorian cacao

Photo credit: Unsplash/Alexandre Brondino

Made from the finest cacao

The cacao in our Chocolate Candle hails from Ecuador, where the best beans in the world are produced. The Nacional variety of cacao has been grown here for more than 5,000 years and is known for its particularly intense aroma, making it perfect for our candles.

Fragrance profile

The new 80 per cent Ecuadorian Chocolate Candle is the perfect way to enjoy Easter without the calories.

Sniff out the earthy, nutty and fruity notes as your new candle burns. It will transport you back to the chocolate egg-filled Easters of your childhood, when mother would hide them around the garden for you to find. When nobody’s looking, you could always enjoy a sneaky little lick to really bring back the memories.

Beautifully packaged

Our premium packaging is the cherry on top of the cake when it comes to our products. For the new Chocolate Candle we’ve chosen a sepia colour palette to emphasise the timelessness of the cacao scent and to complement the heady aroma. The hints of gold are reminiscent of the foil on a bar of chocolate, which must be torn off to get to the delicious confectionery inside.

Woman with chocolate on her mouth

Photo credit: Unsplash/Luísa Schetinger

Perfect gift for Easter

Give a gift that encapsulates all the enjoyment of Easter to your nearest and dearest. They will watch as the chocolate melts in front of their eyes and fills their home with the scent of cacao. It’s like Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory in a candle and is the gift that will continue to enchant them for hours.

If this new Chocolate Candle proves popular beyond April 1st, we may decide to launch other products in the Chocolate range to complement it. Until then, we wish you a Happy Easter from all of us at Heyland & Whittle.

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