Heyland & Whittle’s favourite summertime scents

Heyland & Whittle's favourite summertime scents

What does summer smell like to you?

Is it the sweet scent of freshly mown grass, with that first whiff of the year signalling the true start of the season? Or is it the flowers in your garden, beautifully heady and summery when gathered in a vase? Perhaps it's the slightly sickly but oh so wonderful smell of fresh strawberries, or the invigorating salty scent of the sea during a family day out at the beach mixed with the soft coconut aroma of sun lotion, gently rubbed into your skin?

Whatever your favourite summer smell, we're sure that you wish you could bottle it up and be able to return to it whenever you need to feel a little extra summer cheer - how wonderful would that be?

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Well, at Heyland & Whittle, that's exactly what we try to do with scents, taking natural ingredients to bottle up gorgeous bursts of fragrance that are reminiscent of your favourite places, blooms and specific times of year.

Here's a snapshot of some of our favourite summer-inspired aromas from our current collection:


Roses are a quintessential summer flower in Britain. Although they are actually only in full bloom for a few weeks every year, the careful nurturing they require and the anticipation of their gloriously coloured petals and beautifully powerful fragrance makes rose season one of the most lovely seasons of all.

The sweetly floral scent of our Rose Soap Bar is extremely popular thanks to its natural flowery smell that's reminiscent of summer at any time of year, and blended with cocoa butter for an ultra-nourishing and moisturising wash. It's simply delightful.

Neroli & Rose

That gorgeous rose scent is made all the more summery and intoxicating when combined with the sweet orange blossom neroli, as in our Neroli & Rose Reed Diffuser, Candle in a Glass and Body Scrub.

The smell is like a beautifully perfumed cottage garden on a hot summer's day, with floral and orange notes combining to create a truly stunning summer smell.

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Make sure you've always got replacement reeds and a refill handy for your diffuser so you can enjoy that amazing summery scent all year round, even when warm sunshine days feel like a distant memory.

Clementine & Prosecco

What does summer smell like to you?

Summer has long been a time of celebration; long ago, there was mass rejoicing over the midsummer solstice, while today, it's the season of weddings, exam results, graduations and garden parties - which seasonal food and glasses full of bubbles often play a part of.

We've tried to capture the essence of summer celebrations in our Clementine & Prosecco Reed Diffuser, which features zesty orange notes alongside a sweet scent reminiscent of prosecco. It would make a perfect gift for a prosecco-loving friend, or treat yourself and out yourself in a celebratory mood throughout the summer and beyond.

Bergamot & Lime

Our Bergamot & Lime Reed Diffuser is another that captures gorgeous citrus notes and combines them with something a little bit different to create a unique home fragrance.

This particular scent is in fact a big favourite with Ursula Heyland, one half of the husband-and-wife team behind the Heyland & Whittle brand (along with her other half Paddy).

She says: "It's sophisticated and fresh with its delicate combination of citrus notes and sharp bergamot, and the gorgeous green packaging is my absolute favourite - it's just perfect."

Cherry Blossom

Beautiful blossoms are among spring and summer's most wonderful delights, and gorgeous pink cherry blossom is particularly mesmerising.

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Everything about it, including its aesthetic and its aroma is just lovely, and we've tried to capture that in our cherry blossom-scented home fragrance products, which include our Cherry Blossom Candle in a Glass.

The scent we've created encapsulates fruity cherry notes alongside soft vanilla and warm amber for a brilliantly powerful summertime smell.

Greentea & Grapefruit

Grapefruit has to be one of the most refreshing fruits of all, and when combined with the delicate notes of green tea, like in our Greentea & Grapefruit Reed Diffuser, Body Scrub and Body Lotion, it creates a brilliantly fresh and summery scent.

Those slightly oriental-inspired green tea notes bring a beautiful clean feeling to this fragrance, meaning it works perfectly as a scrub and lotion, leaving your skin feeling fresh and smooth all day long.

Citrus & Lavender

The sight of bumble bees buzzing around fragrant lavender is one of those idyllic summer images, and the scent of the plant is one we love here at Heyland & Whittle. We've given it a modern twist by combining it with zesty notes in our Citrus & Lavender Reed Diffuser, which is a little bit like bringing your favourite parts of your garden indoors and inhaling them for months to come.

If you can't get enough of this fragrance that gives the effect of an English summer garden in full bloom, it's also available as a Body Lotion and Body Scrub, meaning you can carry around those gorgeous floral scents on your skin with you throughout the day.

Find your favourite summertime scent by browsing the full Heyland & Whittle home fragrance and beauty collections here