Homemade Christmas: Make some stunning festive decorations

Homemade Christmas: Make some stunning festive decorations

We seem to be steaming through November, which means that before you know it, you'll be waking up on Christmas morning. This time of year can be pretty pricey, especially when you add up the cost of gifts and food, let alone all the festive decorations you'll want to make your house look Christmassy.

Rather than shelling out for expensive decorations, why not try and make your own? This will give you and your family some fun activities to do, add a personal touch to Christmas and also save some pennies.

To help you get your home looking festive and colourful in time for December 25th, here are some great decoration ideas that you can make:

Fairy light vases

A really effective decoration, whether you use it as a centerpiece on your dining table or pop it on the mantelpiece, is a fairy light vase. Simply use battery-powered fairy lights or an old set from the tree that you probably have lying around to fill whatever glass vases you have to hand. 

You can add even more details by winding the lights around spare baubles or pine cones, which will look really effective.

Sparkly branches

One decoration that has become more popular over the last few years is simple twigs painted in metallic shades or covered in glitter. Some of these are fake or feature lights, but they all look really effective, whether you go big or small with them.

If you don't mind them not coming with twinkle lights, it doesn't take much to create your own minimalist Christmas twigs. Just gather up sticks that have fallen from trees - avoid breaking any off - being sure to try and find similar sizes.

Add a personal touch to Christmas

Lay the sticks on newspaper or an old sheet while outside and use a can of metallic spray paint to cover them. You can either leave them like this or add some sparkle by covering the sticks in PVA glue and sprinkling with glitter.

Then you just need to display them in a vase, to which you can even add lights.

Pasta ribbons

It might sound a bit odd to hang pasta up in your home at Christmas, but it's a really effective way to decorate. Get yourself some farfalle pasta, which is shaped like little bows. Rather than cooking it, leave it dry and paint in different colours, such as red, green, blue, silver and gold - or whatever shades you're using in your home for Christmas.

Either leave it like this or add a touch of glitter, depending on your preference. Then you just need to tie the bows to a length of ribbon or coloured twine to create a decoration that will look lovely on your tree or along your banister. No one will even realise that it's made out of pasta!

Chalkboard baubles

If you prefer a simple look for Christmas, then chalkboard baubles could be right up your street. Get yourself a couple of logs like you would use on a fire and cut them into slices around half an inch thick. If there are any rough splinters, it could be a good idea to sand down the flat surfaces, leaving the outside as it is.

Paint a circle on the inside of each piece of wood using black chalkboard paint, being sure to be as precise as possible and not let it drip down the outside. Mark where you need a hole to go on each bauble and carefully drill each one before tying ribbon or string so you can hang them up.

Finally, all you need is a white chalkboard pen to decorate them however you like. You can draw simple snowflakes or white words that you associate with Christmas in a pretty font. This is also a great way to commemorate any special events, such as your first married Christmas or your little one's first festive period. 

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