How can fragrances affect your mood?

How can fragrances affect your mood?

Fragrances can have an extremely powerful effect on your mood. Different scents can trigger nostalgia, cheer you up when you're feeling blue and help you relax when it all gets too much.

People have been practising the art of aromatherapy for centuries, meaning plenty of experiments have already been done into which essential oils, flowers and herbs are most effective at inducing different moods and emotions.

Usually, it is recommended that you add a few drops of an essential oil into your bath to experience its mood-related benefits. But even the longest and most relaxing of baths only last an hour or two at most, meaning the effects of these oils can be short-lived.

Instead, home fragrance products like candles and reed diffusers containing natural essential oils that are used in aromatherapy could be a way for their mood-lifting benefits to stay with you for longer.

Which scents should you turn to depending on how you're feeling?

Banish stress

Even if you've never dabbled with aromatherapy before, it's likely that you'll already know of the calming effects of lavender. Its fragrance can help you to feel less stressed, so think about placing our Citrus & Lavender Reed Diffuser in a room where you could benefit from its stress-soothing effects. You could pop it on the shelf in your study and it'll help you to keep a clear mind when you're working through a mound of paperwork, for example. Remember to keep a refill handy too.

Fragrance can even help to improve your self-esteem

Bergamot is another ingredient that can help to relieve stress, with our new Bergamot & Lime Candle perfect for when you need to calm down after a trying day. Light it while you're having a soak in the bath for the ultimate relaxing evening.

Relieve sadness and anxiety

Bergamot is also effective at reducing feelings of anxiety and sadness, meaning the home fragrance products in our new Bergamot & Lime range are ideal if you need to lift your mood.

With subtle floral and spicy notes from the bergamot and zesty citrus scents from the lime, they will also help to keep your home smelling beautifully fresh regardless of your mood.

Overcome fatigue

If you're struggling with fatigue, the warm, earthy scent of sandalwood can help to lift your spirits so you're ready to face the day ahead. Place our Sandalwood and Oud Reed Diffuser in your bedroom or dressing room so it's there for you after a bad night's sleep - it should mean you don't have to rely on quite as much caffeine to wake you up.

And if it's help getting to sleep that you need, taking a bath with our Lavender Soap Bar before bed should leave you feeling calm, rested and ready to get a good night's rest.

Boost your self-esteem

Fragrance can even help to improve your self-esteem, with aromatherapy fans swearing by orange as a confidence booster. If you could do with feeling a little more confident during your final look in the mirror before you leave the house in the morning, add our Orange Spice Reed Diffuser to your dressing table. With its notes of citrus fruit and spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, this diffuser will fill your home with warming festive notes, which will be especially lovely in the scarily-fast-approaching run-up to Christmas.

Think carefully about which fragrances you have dotted around your home if you're in need of a mood boost. Your home will smell beautiful while they're working their effects and after you're feeling better too.

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