How stopping smoking could change your life

How stopping smoking could change your life

Smoking is highly addictive, but it's a very bad habit. Not only does it make your breath, clothes and home smell unpleasant, it can age you more quickly than you naturally would, and increase your risk of serious illness.

Because smoking is so addictive, it can be a real challenge to give up, but there are now plenty of options available, including vaping, nicotine patches and special gum, and there will be a stop-smoking support service in your local area.

But are you aware of exactly how much kicking your smoking habit could change your life?

Health benefits of giving up smoking

Smoking significantly increases your risk of developing lung cancer. According to statistics from Cancer Research UK, smoking is the factor behind a huge 86 per cent of lung cancer cases in Britain. In 2015 alone, a total of 46,388 people in the UK were diagnosed with the disease; the previous year saw over 35,000 individuals die as a result of the illness.

These statistics are bound to be concerning if you have a long-term smoking habit, but it's never too late to give it up. Indeed, research has found that a person's risk of developing lung cancer begins to fall as soon as they stop smoking. Ten years down the line, their risk of being diagnosed with the life-threatening disease will have halved compared to when they were smoking regularly.

After quitting smoking, you're likely to feel more physically fit in general. You'll be able to breathe more easily and you'll be less likely to fall ill with chest infections, so you should see a significant increase in your energy levels.

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And if you're doing more exercise, you'll be reaping all of the health benefits that come along with that too, which include cutting your risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and multiple types of cancer.

Your skin will begin to look and feel smoother and plumper

You won't just feel better on the inside after giving up smoking, as the production of collagen in your skin will return to normal too. As a result, your skin will begin to look and feel smoother and plumper, and you'll be able to help boost this by regularly moisturising and exfoliating too. Our beautifully scented Body Scrubs and Body Lotions will help you along with this.

Say goodbye to the smell of cigarettes

If you've been smoking for years, you've most probably become immune to the smell of cigarettes. But once you begin to kick the habit, you'll soon notice that it's not there anymore, although there's a high chance it'll be ingrained into your walls and soft furnishings.

At Heyland & Whittle, we have a whole collection of home fragrance products that are designed to mask unpleasant odours in your abode and fill the air with gorgeous scents instead. We even have a range of products in our specially designed Anti-Tabac fragrance, which is specifically intended for covering up cigarette smells.

Anti-Tabac is a blend of cedarwood and vanilla, which have been combined with an odour neutraliser to create a sweet mask for smoke smells around your home. The fragrance is available as a Candle in a Tin, which you can burn to overpower and hide those stale smells, as well as in a Reed Diffuser and as one of our brand new Room Sprays. These provide a quick burst of instant fragrance for those moments when you catch a whiff of staleness.

Remember, if you've been a long-time smoker, it'll take time for the smell to disappear from your home, but our Anti-Tabac range will help along the way.

Other lovely perks of stopping smoking

The health benefits associated with quitting smoking are of course the most important, but there are also some other nice perks to kicking the habit for good. We've already discussed how your home will smell so much better, and this means you'll get much more out of any luxurious Reed Diffusers you purchase as well.

Just imagine how much lovelier your house will seem when it's filled with the aroma of sweet Cherry Blossom or heady Lily & Ylang Ylang rather than stale cigarette smoke. And without all those clouds of smoke, you'll be able to notice when you're in need of a refill to keep your home smelling wonderfully fresh too.

It'll be a similar story with your bath and shower products too; you'll get so much more out of using beautiful Handmade Soap Bars if you can actually smell their carefully chosen fragrance. What's more, you're likely to see them making your skin softer and smoother than before, as you won't be undermining their moisturising benefits with your bad habit.

Ready to take the plunge and give up smoking once and for all? You can find your nearest local stop smoking service via the NHS website here.

The Anti-Tabac fragrance forms part of the new Heyland & Whittle Home Solutions range, which you can shop in full here