How to build your own Christmas hamper

How to build your own Christmas hamper

If you're struggling to think of the perfect Christmas gift for a particular person or a whole family, why not give them a bit of everything? Putting together a hamper for Christmas is a great way to really spoil someone and give them a great range of items - which means there will definitely be something they love in the mix!

It isn't too hard to put a hamper together either, as all you need is a general idea of what sort of things they like, a big enough box or basket and a bit of patience when it comes to packing everything.

To create the perfect hamper for Christmas Day, we've got some great tips on what sort of things you should include. Read on to see what we recommend.

What kind of hamper?

The first thing you need to do is decide on the type of hamper you want to give someone. Would they like a beauty-based one, a food hamper, a home fragrance bundle or a bit of everything? 

Once you have decided on what you want to put in the hamper, building it is a lot easier as you can start to plan the types of things you want to go in it, rather than just grabbing anything that catches your eye.

Find the perfect parcel

You need to find what you're going to package everything into. This will give you a better idea of how much you can fit in and how big or small everything needs to be. Buying everything first and then hunting down a box can be difficult, as you end up with something that is too big or small.

Look at different baskets and boxes that are available, or go all out and pick up an actual hamper with a lid. This the first part of the gift the recipient sees, so you want to make sure it looks nice.

Choose some food

If you're including food in your hamper, you need to choose the right products. Ideally, food needs to be non-perishable and have a long use by date, especially if it won't be opened until Christmas Day.

Making a Christmas hamper is a perfect way to spoil someone

Things like preserves, chocolates, wine, biscuits and sweets are all good choices and will suit a variety of tastes. Just be sure you take into account any allergies or dietary requirements when popping things in your trolley.

The right fragrance

Both home fragrance and beauty products should feature a fragrance that the person you're giving the hamper to will like. There's no point in creating a floral-themed hamper because the packaging looks nice when you know that they aren't a fan of this types of scent.

Try to find out what sorts of fragrances they like so you can pick a few that work together. If you really aren't sure, give them a variety to try, as this means there is a greater chance of them liking something you choose. 

Fragrances like Neroli and Rose and Greentea and Grapefruit are brilliant choices as they are interesting, fresh and loved by a lot of people. They also come in a range of home fragrance products, as well as beauty items.

Mix things up

If someone likes home fragrance products, it can be easy enough to pop a couple of soy candles in the hamper for them. However, there are also plenty of other products they might like to try.

Rather than going for one type of product, mix things up and include a nice variety. Things like our reed diffusers and room mists make lovely extras, while our room fragrance soap bundle is practical, smells great and looks lovely. 

The same thing goes for bath and beauty products, as the point in a hamper is to give lots of things to fill it up. Try combining a body wash with a foam bath and even a bag of bath melts. Not only will this really spoil someone, it will make your hamper look bright and beautiful.

Let us do the hard work

You could always make the task of building a hamper even easier, of course, by letting us do all the hard work for you. We have three different hampers that you can choose from, each of which is a different size and includes a mixture of our wonderful products.

Each hamper is presented in a lovely basket that will look great in anyone's bathroom and enough goodies to keep them going to next Christmas. You can even pick out a few extra things to pop in yourself if you want to make the gift really personal.

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