How to create fragrance cocktails

How to create fragrance cocktails

Do you ever find that you're struggling to choose which of your favourite fragrances to enjoy? Maybe one is similar to what you want but isn't exactly the scent you’d like to fill your home with? While the issue can be solved by just picking a random scent - or adding more Heyland and Whittle candles to your collection - you might find that creating a fragrance cocktail is the way forward.
Fragrance cocktails are created by combining two or more scents together to create a new one. This can be a fun way to mix up the products you love and to get the most out of different smells. It can also mean you expand on the types of fragrances you have in your home to better suit more moods.
But how can you go about creating fragrance cocktails that don't smell awful? Here are our simple tips to getting the perfect cocktail no matter what your taste:

Find similar notes

You might not think that two fragrances will work together, but if they have at least one similar or matching note, they may well combine beautifully. This can be a floral, citrus, green or spicy note, which will bring the two scents together even if the rest of the fragrances used in them are totally different.
For example, both our Citrus and Lavender and Greentea and Grapefruit fragrances feature citrus notes that could help them work together. Of course, you never know until you try it so get experimenting.

Fragrances from the same family

Fragrance cocktails can help you enjoy your favourite scents

While matching fragrance notes can lead you to make some obscure pairings - not all of which will work - you can make things simpler by teaming two scents from the same family. Opting to mix fragrances that are all quite similar, such as those that are heavily floral, will make it easier to create a good cocktail that suits your tastes.
With this in mind, you might find that Neroli and Rose goes perfectly with Jasmine and Lilac as they are both so floral.

Try anything once

There's no guarantee that Orange Spice will work with Olive and Fig, but how do you know until you've tried it? It's worth experimenting by lighting different candles at the same time or by using a reed diffuser in one scent and a candle in another.
You might be surprised by which cocktails turn out smelling amazing!

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