How to create the perfect Halloween atmosphere

How to create the perfect Halloween atmosphere

The spooky season is fast approaching, with October 31st just around the corner. Whether you're embracing All Hallows Eve and having a party or simply having a quiet night in, you can embrace the day by creating the perfect atmosphere in your home.

Even if you don't like being scared, Halloween night gives you the perfect opportunity to sit back and relax. If you do want to go all out, it is also a great opportunity to put on your favourite fancy dress costume and celebrate with friends.

Either way, you need to create the perfect atmosphere. This can be very easy to achieve, especially if you follow our tips:

Heavy curtains

While the evenings may be dark now we are into October and winter will be here soon, you can add to the effect by hanging heavy curtains made out of a thick material. This will stop any light from outside - such as streetlights or car headlights - from affecting your Halloween atmosphere.

They will also help to keep the warmth in your room, as a lot of heat is lost through your windows, which means they are a great choice for the entire season, as well as Halloween night.

Dim the lights

Even if you don't like being scared, Halloween night gives you the perfect opportunity to sit back and relax

Avoid bright overhead lighting, as this can totally ruin the effect; especially if you've put up spooky decorations for a party. Instead, use lamps throughout the room at key points to provide a lower light level.

Opting for lamps with dimmer switches or low-wattage bulbs will help to create a softer glow, while scarves can always be placed over lampshades - never put them over bare bulbs - to make things a bit gloomier and add colour to the light.

Plenty of candles

As well as lamps - or instead of - you can make the most of the natural flickering flames of candles, which will increase the spooky feeling and add to the shadows in a room. 

We recommend our Sandalwood and Oud candles, which will add a sensual and exotic fragrance to the room. This will add to your Halloween atmosphere by adding another element.

Just be sure to put candles in places where they can't be knocked over or close to hanging fabric, and to never move them when they are lit. You also need to ensure that they are all blown out at the end of the night.

Now you just need to pop on a scary film or get your friends over and you're ready to make the most of Halloween!