How to display flowers this summer

How to display flowers this summer

There are lots of lovely ways to bring a touch of summer into your home, but one of the easiest is to treat yourself to some fresh cut flowers. This can instantly brighten a room by adding a splash of colour, as well as help to make your home feel fresher.

However, the way you display your flowers can make a big difference to the look and feel of a room. You may think you can simply pop them straight into a vase and put them anywhere, but in order to make the most of flowers and to fully enjoy them, you should aim to create the perfect display.

Here are our top tips for bringing summer inside with flowers this month:

The brighter the flowers, the simpler the vase

You want the flowers to be the main focus, not the vase, otherwise, there's really no point in having them. This means that you should choose a simple vase for brighter blooms, as well as for varied bunches.

This will ensure people's eyes are drawn directly to the flowers rather than a busy vase that removes the focus. It is a good idea to use clear or pale vases that fit with the style of your room to show off colourful flowers or bunches that have several varieties of plant in them.

If you are opting for a single type of flower or a subtle colour - such as white - you can afford to be a bit more creative with your vase as the flowers will result in a nice contrast. Choose a stronger colour vase or something in a slightly unusual shape, as this will help to show your flowers off.

Get rid of clutter

Flowers can instantly brighten a room

Putting your vase of flowers on an already cluttered surface will stop them from making a statement. You should ensure they are on a space that is mostly open - a few ornaments are fine if the surface is quite large - as this will allow the flowers to really stand out.

Anything that you also showcase on the same surface as your vase should be quite small, fit with the style of your room and not clash with the flowers you have chosen. Candles are a good idea as they are a subtle design element and aren't really noticed unless they are lit.

Placing a candle on either side of your flowers will help to create balance, especially as you can light them at night and they will frame your vase - just be sure not to light them too close to the flowers!

Give them plenty of light

While fresh-cut flowers don't need sunlight to survive, placing them in dark corner will stop them from being noticeable. As you want to make a feature of your flowers, ensure they get plenty of light as well as space.

You can put your vase on the windowsill, mantelpiece or coffee table as these are nice central locations that are usually guaranteed to get plenty of sunshine during the day and be well-lit at night.

Match the bunch to the space

There is no point in having a huge bunch of flowers if you've only got a small room or a tiny table on which to display them. You should match the size of the bunch to your space in order to create the best look.

If you have a large room, you can afford to go big or choose flowers that are quite large - such as lilies. Smaller spaces should make use of daintier flowers or flowering branches as these don't take up as much room but are still beautiful.

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