How to make the most of our fragrance oils

How to make the most of our fragrance oils

If you want to fill your home with fragrance, we've got plenty of different ways you can do this. While we've become known for our candles and reed diffusers in our Home and Classic fragrance ranges, we also offer a few different ways to scent your home.

One of the other ways you can enjoy your favourite fragrance is with our oils. We've got a range of fragrance oils that feature some of our best-selling classic scents, including Rose and Neroli and Greentea and Grapefruit.

They are designed for use with oil burners, so you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere created by candlelight, as well as a beautiful fragrance. In order to get the most out of our fragrance oils, follow our top tips:

The right burner 

You should start by choosing the right burner for your fragrance oil. The bowl where the fragrance sits should be deep enough to allow for a good amount of water to sit in, but not so deep that it doesn't heat well, as this will stop the fragrance from filling the room.

It is also a good idea to avoid small, shallow burners as these can burn dry really quickly. 

One of the other ways you can enjoy your favourite fragrance is with our oils

Our Ceramic Oil Burner allows for even heat distribution so your fragrance oil will warm up in no time but not vanish too quickly. Its neutral design will also work with any room design.

Add water second

You should always add water to your fragrance oil, as the oil will have a concentrated scent so a little goes a long way. Rather than adding water and then the oil to your burner, which will result in the oil just floating on top, you should add the water second.

Pouring a few drops of your fragrance oil to the burner and then adding the water will help to mix the oil better. This means it will evaporate better and allow you to enjoy its scent for longer.

Don't refill when hot

If your oil burner becomes dry while the candle is still lit, you should blow the tealight out and leave it to cool before refilling it. Pouring cold water into the top while the ceramic is hot could cause it to crack, resulting in leaks and making it unusable.

You should ensure the oil burner is completely cool to the touch before refilling it to avoid damaging it. It is a good idea to refill it each time you want to use it, as this will allow for a few hours of fragrance.

Now you just have to sit back and enjoy the effect of your chosen fragrance oil.