How to style your festive table

How to style your festive table

Christmas dinner is the centrepiece of most households' festive celebrations. While plenty of time is given to planning each course and all the trimmings, the table itself can end up being something of an afterthought. Make sure it looks as good as the food tastes with these simple styling ideas.

A table runner

As well as a nice crisp tablecloth, a runner is part of the foundations for a beautiful Christmas table. It helps to add interest, colour and structure, marking out where the decorations and main dishes should go. Choose a table runner that contrasts with the cloth underneath but complements the theme.

Collecting seasonal foliage

Photo credit: Unsplash/Fred Kearney


One of the biggest trends for Christmas 2019 is foliage, which can be beautifully arranged to create a focal point on your table. Not only is bringing branches of fir, pine cones, trailing ivy and sprigs of holly into your home a sustainable alternative to plastic features, you can enjoy gathering the pieces together as a family.


Candles and Christmas go together like turkey and stuffing, so it’s important to have a good supply. Our new Festive Collection Candle in a Glass burns for around 35 minutes, so it’s guaranteed to last all the way from the starters until the last spoonful of Christmas pudding. Choose from Festive Spice, Frosted Wreath and Mulled Wine fragrances.

Colour scheme

After planning your Christmas Day menu, make sure you think carefully about how your table will look on December 25th.

When styling your festive table, it’s a good idea to have a colour scheme in mind. You might want to stick to the traditional reds and greens of the season or perhaps go for a chic purple and frosty white for something a little different. Be sure to factor in the design of your crockery, as you don’t want this to jar with the rest of your vision.

Sparkly centrepieces

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A little bit of sparkle never goes amiss at Christmastime and this can be achieved in a variety of ways. Use small twinkling fairy lights nestled amongst the foliage, shake biodegradable glitter across the leaves or scatter little crystals on the table cloth to ramp up the magic.

Place settings

It’s easy to fold a paper napkin into a triangle and pop a cracker on top for a simple place setting, but we all know it can be much more special than that. Pick up some fat quarters of fabric in your chosen colour scheme to make pretty napkins, adorn with a Mini Favour Soap and tie up with ribbon. Add a sprig of fir or holly to extend your theme further. If you’ve got a specific table plan in mind, then luggage labels or simple wooden decorations with each person’s names on will show them where to sit.

Leave room for the food

While it’s important to give some thought to how your dining table will look on Christmas Day, be sure it’s also fit for purpose. This means scaling back on the quantity of decorations and going for a less-is-more approach if your table is only just big enough for everyone to fit round. After all, you don’t want to see your carefully-crafted embellishments being tossed aside to make room for mounds of honey-roasted carrots and platters of pigs in blankets.

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