Introduce the colours of autumn into your home

Introduce the colours of autumn into your home

While summer may be many people's favourite time of year, you can't deny that there is something special about autumn. 

Autumn brings with it mild days that are very welcome before we head into a cold and wet winter, as well as changes in nature. One of the most obvious changes is the colours of the season, which take on gold, yellow and orange tones that are truly beautiful.

You'll soon notice that you can't go anywhere without seeing the leaves on the trees changing colour. It's little wonder that the natural shades that sum up the season are so popular when it comes to home design.

In fact, autumnal tones are a great way to brighten up your home as we head towards winter and to bring a touch of the outside in. Here are some great ways that you can add them to your house:

Soft furnishings

If you don't fancy making a huge change and getting the paintbrush out, you can introduce the golden hues of autumn to your home through soft furnishings. 

Things like cushions, throws, blankets and curtains can all serve to help brighten a room and add a colour theme.

You don't need to make all of these elements match, instead, try mixing in a variety of different colours that remind you of the season. This will provide a better representation of it while still tying the room together.

If you already have cream or white soft furnishings and want to update them, why not dye them at home and save yourself the cost of having to replace them?

Autumn decorations

autumnal tones are a great way to brighten up your home as we head towards winter and to bring a touch of the outside in

For small touches, you can add autumn-inspired decorations to your room. Rather than putting fruit in a bowl on your coffee table, things like pinecones make great decorative items. You can even paint one or two of them gold to add another element.

You might also want to keep an eye out for decorations and accessories that look like fallen leaves, as these are very representative of the season. They are also easy to pack away if you fancy changing the appearance of your room as the seasons alter.

You can even use things like candles to add autumn colours to your room. Our Orange Spice and Orient candles in tins feature beautiful orange and brown shades that are ideal for the season.   

A lick of paint

Of course, if you are a big fan of the colour palette of autumn, you can always opt for a lick of paint to change the appearance of your home. This doesn't mean painting an entire room in your favourite shade of autumn orange - which can be a bit much - as sometimes less is more.

Creating a feature wall in your favourite shade or that features a wallpaper pattern that is reminiscent of the season is a great option that requires minimal effort. You can also paint small areas of your room, such as your fireplace, as this will also create a great feature.

Bring the outdoors in

Of course, one great way to bring autumn inside is to add a few plants to your home. Potted plants are a great way to instantly brighten up a room, which is ideal for the upcoming cold seasons.

Flowers in orange and red shades, as well as evergreen plants are great options as they will fill your home with the colours and fragrances of autumn without you having to make any huge changes.

Just be sure to place plants somewhere they will get as much natural light as possible - this is even more important in autumn and winter due to the darker days - and remember to water them regularly to keep them healthy.